Startup exits are the most sought after events in Silicon Valley, but very few people get to experience them. On the Startup Exits Podcast we chat with founders that started, ran and sold a tech company to learn about how it all went down. This podcast is hosted by Andrew Vasylyk and produced byRead more

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Carl Christensen, founder of Spacemaker: $240 million sale to Autodesk

Jun 15 • 40:07

“We’re building a city the size of Paris each week, so every non-optimal project that’s built today is a missed opportunity for changing the world” –– this is one of the reasons why Carl Christensen founded an AI-driven architectural design startup, Spacemaker. The company raised over $30 million, was declared a startup of the year in Norway and was acquired for $240 milli...

Revett Eldred, founder of Minerva: $25 million founder payout

Feb 26 • 51:03

Revett Eldred is a British-Canadian entrepreneur with two, eight-figure exits. After spending his career as a programmer in the 60s and 70s, he got tired of the bureaucratic nature of corporate America and started his own consulting firm, Minerva. Revett grew the company from 0 to 250 employees, became the first Canadian partner of Microsoft, won a bunch of prestigious awa...

Paul Murphy, founder of Dots: $200 million sale to Take Two

Jan 28 • 33:54

Facebook purchased GIPHY for $400 million and Take Two purchased Dots for $200 million –– what do these two acquisitions have in common? Three things: both are 9-figure exits, both happened in 2020 and both were incubated by Paul Murphy. In this episode, we focus on Paul’s experience in incubating and growing Dots, a series of casual and highly addicting mobile games, towa...

Janelle Benjamin, founder of SuperData: M&A by Nielsen

Dec 17 • 24:08

In late 2000s, Janelle Benjamin predicted the upcoming digitalization of the gaming industry and started SuperData, an ahead-of-its-time market intelligence and analytics company for digital games and VR. She grew the company to dozens of employees, millions in revenue and a successful exit to Nielsen....

Usman Haque, founder of Pachube: M&As by LogMeIn and Google

Nov 20 • 39:37

Usman Haque is one of the most influential figures in the world of Internet of Things (IoT). After studying architecture in London, Usman founded Pachube (now known as Xively), a pioneering IoT platform that went on to be acquired by LogMeIn and later by Google for $50 million....

Shayan Zadeh, founder of Zoosk: $250 million sale to Spark Networks

Oct 21 • 40:04

With friend and co-founder Alex Mehr, Shayan Zadeh came to US from Iran at a time when both countries had no diplomatic relations or direct flights. They went on to study computer science, work at NASA and Microsoft, and start Zoosk – an Inc 5000 dating platform that went on to exit for $250 million. ...

Thejo Kote, founder of Automatic: $115 million sale to SiriusXM

Sep 16 • 53:31

After coming to US as a student, Thejo Kote met his cofounder Jerry at the University of California Berkeley; there, they worked on a school projected that turned into a $115 million acquisition seven years later. Crazy! Thejo is a founder of Automatic, a "fitbit for the car" company that paved the way for making cars more connected and was acquired by SiriusXM in 2017....

Will Harbin, founder of Kixeye: $120 million sale to Stillfront

Jul 22 • 51:41

Will is a tech entrepreneur with multiple exits. In late 2000s he founded Kixeye, a game studio that pioneered the free-to-play genre and dominated Facebook gaming with hit titles like War Commander, VEGA Conflict, Backyard Monsters and Battle Pirates. Will led the company to millions of users, hundreds of employees and a $120 million acquisition by Stillfront Group in 2019....

Brett Lovelady, founder of Astro Gaming: $85 million sale to Logitech

Jun 18 • 45:48

Brett is a Silicon Valley OG and one the leading figures in the world of product design. Having founded a design studio in the 90s, Brett helped Fortune 500 companies make iconic tech products, such as the Xbox 360 and Nike's Triax watches. He then went on to start Astro Gaming, the DTC maker of what is arguably the most popular gaming headset in the world, which was acqui...

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