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Starkville with Jayson Stark and Doug Glanville


Destination: Starkville! Join Jayson Stark and Doug Glanville as they dive into the beauty of our national pastime, from the biggest stories to the minutiae that makes baseball so quirky and fun. And yes, there will be trivia!

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We're moving Starkville (The whole town!)

Mar 25 • 02:22

Starting the week of March 29th, Starkville is moving. Jayson and Doug will bring you the same great baseball talk, guests, and trivia that you've come to expect as part of The Athletic Baseball Show. Head on over and subscribe now. In addition to Starkville, the Baseball Show will feature Ken Rosenthal, Hunter Pence, Keith Law, Grant Brisbee and Derek VanRiper. Navigate t...

Dick Vitale on the Rays, what he's missing this college hoops season and why he's so dedicated to battling childhood cancer

Dec 8 • 01:19:54

Baseball's virtual Winter Meetings are here and so is college basketball season so who better to talk Rays baseball and hoops than the one and only Dick Vitale! Dickie V laments the Rays pulling Blake Snell from Game 6 but confirms hit commitment to Tampa Bay baseball. He explains what he misses most while calling college games from home and he shares some life lessons tha...

Ken Rosenthal sets up the Hot Stove season, and three-time Jeopardy champion Andrew Baggarly remembers Alex Trebek

Nov 10 • 01:30:36

Things are heating up in Starkville for the Hot Stove season and Ken Rosenthal visits to get us ready for all the major storylines....

Orel Hershiser on the 2020 Dodgers, the 1988 Dodgers and much more

Oct 30 • 01:28:12

Orel Hershiser guided the 1988 Dodgers to a World Series title and watched as a club broadcaster as they did it again 32 years later. Who better to visit Starkville this week:...

David Price gets us ready for the World Series

Oct 20 • 58:51

David Price was drafted by Rays and helped get Tampa Bay to the World Series in 2008. Twelve years later, Price finds himself with the Dodgers as they take on the Rays in the World Series. What a perfect guest to get us ready for the Fall Classic....

Brian Kenny is killing the error, shortening games and remembering Bob Gibson in Starkville

Oct 5 • 01:28:07

Brian Kenny is loving the expanded MLB Postseason and he's visiting Starkville with ideas to make the future of baseball just as much fun. After his successful campaign to #killthewin, Brian is now lobbying to #killtheerror. BK, Jayson and Doug also remember the great career and life of Hall of Famer Bob Gibson....

Tim Kurkjian on the 2020 Postseason, the always complicated Joe West and which rules should stick

Sep 29 • 01:21:15

While getting ready to call every single postseason game, Tim Kurkjian still found time to visit Starkville. The guys start with some October travel nightmares before previewing some of the best 2020 Wild Card matchups. Tim explains his love of tracking the 25 lifetime home run leaders for every letter of the alphabet (it's a thing). Jayson, Doug and Tim go on to share Joe...

Expanding MLB's postseason with Bob Costas

Sep 22 • 01:31:18

Bob Costas makes a return visit to Starkville before the MLB postseason starts. Jayson and Doug get his take on the 2020 season and what expanded playoffs should look like moving forward. Bob also explains why fans think broadcasters hate their teams before putting the current state of the game into historic perspective....

Drew Carey On Cleveland Sports, The Price is Right With No Audience and More

Sep 16 • 01:26:13

Drew Carey is easily the funniest man to step foot in Starkville. He's got a lot to say about his love of Cleveland sports (except maybe the Browns) and whether an Indians championship would get an asterisk. He goes on to explain to Jayson and Doug how the Price is Right, like sports, will return without an audience. Then Drew and Doug nerd out on Strat-O-Matic baseball.


Kevin Kiermaier On Defense, The Yankees and Cardboard Fans

Sep 8 • 01:26:01

The best team in the American League is currently the Tampa Bay Rays and centerfielder Kevin Kiermaier visits Jayson and Doug in Starkville this week.  Kevin gets into the long running rivalry between the Rays and Yankees and looks ahead to a potential playoff meeting.  He also compares the 2020 Rays to some of the other great teams the organization has put together.  Card...

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