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Standing Ovation

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Standing Ovation, hosted by keynote speaker and emcee Jay Baer is where the very best public speakers reveal the secrets behind their greatest successes. In each episode, listeners hear a legendary on-stage story from a world-class speaker, and then hear Jay and his guest dissect and discuss thatRead more

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Why It's Critical to Use Examples The Audience Has Never Heard

Aug 24 • 47:55

Unless you are just an extraordinary motivator on stage, at some point all speakers must provide EVIDENCE that the recommendations they are making to the audience actually work....

How to Tie the Story Back to the Audience's Needs

Aug 17 • 37:21

What do you think is possible in your speaking career? Could you do 40 paid events per year? Could you speak at the biggest events in the world? Could you have a hugely popular TED Talk? Could you make one million dollars a year as a speaker?...

How to Make it All About the Audience

Aug 10 • 42:47

What is your actual job as a speaker and as a brand? To educate? To inform? To entertain? To make the audience feel good? Or, is it to make the audience feel good about themselves?...

Differentiation Strategies from Lady Gaga

Aug 3 • 39:33

What are you willing to do to stand out? How many chances will YOU take? Will you reinvent an entire product category, just to be different? ...

The Magic of Being YOU on stage

Jul 27 • 40:01

Some of the most effective and impactful stories from speakers are when they are the butt of the joke; when their own foibles and uncertainties make the speaker more relatable to the audience, who can envision themselves doing the exact same thing. ...

How to Add Bold Texture to Your Presentation

Jul 20 • 45:08

Is it possible that your comfort zone is actually your danger zone? How willing are you to push it up, take a risk, and break through whatever stands in your way? Those are the questions Rob “Waldo” Waldman asks his audiences.   ...

How to Tell Your Audience the Future Without Scaring Them to Death

Jul 13 • 41:26

As speakers, we spend a lot of time and energy trying to get known and stay known. Websites, demo videos, outreach to meeting planners, search engine optimization, email newsletters, writing books - It’s a lot. And, maybe none of it matters very much?  ...

How to Use a Prop the Right Way

Jun 29 • 47:59

Speakers are on the road a lot, which naturally means that speakers often spend a great deal of time alone. ...

How to Tie a Story Back to the Audience's World

Jun 22 • 37:04

When you tell a story, how often does the lightbulb go off in the heads of your audience?...

How to Spend 35 Years Perfecting a Story

Jun 15 • 38:37

Well-traveled keynote speakers have a tendency to complain about the trials and tribulations of life on the road. You know, trivial things like dirty bed sheets, a poor Wi-Fi connection, blue cheese on your salad (even though you asked for none)....

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