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The ultimate guide to decreasing pain, optimizing athletic performance & finding your true strength by Dr. Aaron Horschig.

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Quick Tip: Should You Wear Orthotics for Flat Feet or Foot Problems?

Nov 22 • 26:19

In episode 122, we have a "Quick Tip" on all things orthotics. What they are and if you should wear them for foot pain or to fix flat feet! ...

How To Lift Atlas Stones: Should You Flex Your Spine? (feat. Martins Licis & Dr. Stuart McGill)

Nov 1 • 47:16

In episode 121, Martins Licis (the 2019 World's Strongest Man) and Dr. Stuart McGill (the world's foremost authority on back mechanics) join for an amazing conversation on all things atlas stone lifting. We touch on technique, whether or not the amount of flexion shown is safe for the back and much more!  ...

3 Shoe Features You NEED To Know About

Sep 28 • 29:08

In episode 120, Dr. Aaron Horschig discusses 3 parts of shoes you need to learn about in order to make the best possible footwear choice for your body (toe box, toe spring, and the amount of heel lift). ...

Fix Squat "Crazy Feet" With Contraption Squats! (feat. 2x Olympian Chad Vaughn)

Sep 16 • 58:02

In episode 119, 2x Olympian Chad Vaughn stops by to discuss a novel way to fix squat technique issues - contraption squats! The full YouTube video that demonstrates these can be found here:…0D5Onjy9UAs&t=9s...

We were WRONG about "Plantar Fasciitis" (feat. Ray McClanahan)

Aug 24 • 01:05:54

In episode 118, Dr. Ray McClanahan (inventor of Correct Toes) stops by to talk about the most common cause of foot pain - plantar fasciitis! Today you'll learn the why behind the pain and how to properly fix it! ...

Improve Lifting Mobility With The Exaggeration Method (feat. Olympian Chad Vaughn)

Aug 5 • 36:00

In episode 117, 2x Olympian Chad Vaughn stops by to talk about a novel way to improve mobility and technique in your lifting called the exaggeration method. ...

Barbell Basics & What Chocolate Chip Cookies/Guinness Beer Can Teach You About Lifting (feat. Dr. Michael Hartle)

Jul 22 • 01:07:26

In episode 116, Dr. Michael Hartle stops by. We talk about his background in powerlifting, his approach to training and rehab from injuries and lessons he has learned along the way from people he has worked with like Pavell....

She Started Lifting at 70 Years Old! (Interview with Joan MacDonald)

Jun 28 • 42:40

In episode 115, Joan MacDonald stops by the show. Joan didn’t start her fitness journey until age 70 and 5 years later she is absolutely killing it. With some help from her daughter and son in law she started sharing her journey on social media and now boasts 1.3 million followers on Instagram. Today you'll learn about her story and why it's so important to stay active for...

Ed Coan & Dr. Stuart McGill Talk Performance, Injury Avoidance and Longevity When Lifting

Jun 7 • 01:04:08

In episode 114, Ed Coan & Dr. Stuart McGill sit down for a conversation on all things back mechanics when lifting. Dr. McGill is THE foremost authority on back mechanics in the world. His entire career has centered around studying the spine, how it becomes injured and ways we can successfully rehab and get back to a high level of performance. He is the author of many books...

Powerlifting Wisdom & A Minimalism Approach To Training (feat. Marty Gallagher)

May 28 • 01:04:05

In episode 113, Dr. Aaron Horschig sits down with a legend in the powerlifting world, Marty Gallagher. We discuss some of the finer points of technique and his unique approach to a minimalism routine for training. ...

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