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“So, I’m a Spy & I’d like to Write a Book…”

Nov 2 • 01:46:25
Nada Bakos is a former CIA analyst and Chief Targeting Officer, Mark Fallon was an NCIS Special Agent and Director of the Criminal Investigative Task Force at Guantanamo, Frank Snepp is a former chief analyst of North Vietnamese Strategy for the CIA during the Vietnam War.

What do they have in common? They all wanted to tell their story, they all wanted to write a book, and...

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Oct 28 • 07:35

World Series Special: Espionage & Baseball – A Conversation with Marc Polymeropoulos

Oct 26 • 56:21
From the SpyCast Field of Dreams: to coincide with the first game of the 117th World Series, a special episode on the links – yes, there are many – between espionage and America’s Pastime with baseball fanatic and ex-spook (it’s a baseball special, not Halloween, so no pun intended) Marc Polymeropoulos. Baseball fans, welcome to espionage; espionage fans, welcome to baseba...

“First Casualty” – Inside the CIA Mission to Avenge 9/11

Oct 19 • 02:25:35
On October 17, 2001, Team Alpha were dropped into the mountains of northern Afghanistan. Two of the eight appear in this week’s episode alongside the author of a new book telling the story of the first Americans behind enemy lines after 9/11 – and what a story it is. Justin Sapp was a Green Beret detailed to CIA, he would go on to be a commander in the Asymmetric Warfare G...

*15th ANNIVERSARY/500th EPISODE SPECIAL* - “The CIA and the 9/11 Commission Report” – A Conversation with Alexis Albion

Oct 12 • 01:18:23
This is a big one, a very big one: our 500th episode & 15th anniversary

We have come a long way since we began back in 2006 – it’s quite fitting then, that in this week’s episode I speak to our very first historian and curator, Alexis Albion, who is currently the Curator for Special Projects here at the Spy Museum

Alexis actually left us way back when to be on the 9/11 Commi...

Cyberattacks, Espionage & Ransomware – “Inside Microsoft’s Threat Intelligence Center (MSTIC)”

Oct 5 • 01:08:28
From your Visa card to your Outlook account, and from the gas you pump into your Ford to your Windows operating system, a cyber struggle is taking place all around us. In this episode Andrew spoke to founder of Microsoft’s threat hunting intelligence center John Lambert, which tracks the world’s most dangerous cybercriminals and state-affiliated hackers, and the head of th...

“Leningrad, Molehunts, and Life After the CIA” - A Conversation with Christopher Burgess

Sep 28 • 46:18
He is the Horatio Alger of the CIA. His first job was punching paper. He went on to be a Station Chief. He worked for every directorate.  He lived in several continents. He was in the Soviet Union for six years. He was caught up in the molehunt for Robert Hanssen. He survived to tell his tale.

Christopher is genial, hearty and now lives in the other Washington (the rainy st...

“One of CIA’s Most Decorated Field Officers” – A Conversation with Marc Polymeropoulos

Sep 21 • 53:50
What do you get if you cross a Greek Orthodox guy from Athens and a Jewish girl from Long Island; and then mix in two Ivy League degrees and a 26-year career in the Central Intelligence Agency? If you haven’t worked out that this refers to Marc, given that he is mentioned in the episode title, you can probably forget ever having a career in intelligence. Mark is brimming w...

Curator’s Corner: Osama bin Laden with Peter Bergen

Sep 14 • 59:59
As the 20th anniversary of 9/11 approached Peter Bergen sought to reevaluate the man responsible for precipitating America’s long wars with al-Qaeda and its descendants. Bergen produced the first television interview with bin Laden in 1997. He has had years to reflect on and study the man. In his new book The Rise and Fall of Osama bin Laden he captures all the dimensions ...

“I was a Presidential Daily Briefer on 9/11” – Dave Terry & Vice President Cheney

Sep 11 • 01:27:23
Dave Terry was with Vice President Cheney on the morning of 9/11. He started work as a PDB briefer the same day as Mike. He went on to be Chief of the PDB. He started out working on grain production at the CIA in 1979. He comes from Kansas. For the rest, it’s best if you hear Dave.

“And I think for any intelligence officer, what you're doing is often overwhelming, whether y...

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