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A sports podcast about nothing. Sportsfeld is a weekly sports and comedy podcast hosted by Andrew 'The Zubes' Zuber (Yahoo! Canada) and actor Jake Goldsbie (Molly's Game, Degrassi, Bad Jews). Each week Jake and Zubes take an irreverent look at the sports world in an hour long discussion filled withRead more

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Storytime: Raptors 2014 Playoffs vs Brooklyn (Pt. 3)

Nov 30 • 20:56
It iiiiiiiiis Sportsfeld Storytime. In part 3 of our 2014 Raptors vs Nets Game 7 lookback, we deal with the final game of the Fuck Brooklyn series. Joe Johnson continues his neverending run of games dominating the Raptors, Drake beefs with KG courtside, Terrence Ross comes up huge in the clutch and Paul Pierce has the last laugh on a big block. But it isn't the ending, it'...

Storytime: Raptors 2014 Playoffs vs Brooklyn (Pt. 2)

Nov 23 • 19:15
It iiiiiiiiisss Sportsfeld Storytime. In Part Two of our look back at Game 7 of the 2014 Raptors/Nets series, we dig into the first six games of a wild series. Today, we remember DeMar Derozan and Kyle Lowry being actually good in the playoffs, the birth of JV Hive, an absolutely crazy basketball game overshadowed by the Rob Ford crack tape, and the two words that changed ...

Storytime: Raptors 2014 Playoffs vs Brooklyn (Pt. 1)

Nov 16 • 18:33
It iiiiiiisss Sportsfeld Storytime. It's October and the Raptors aren't playing, so let's look back at an original Raptors heartbreak that also marks the beginning of the Champion Raptors as we know them today. This month, we're looking back at the 2014 first round series against Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and the Brooklyn Nets. In Episode 1 we look back at the arrival of ...

Storytime: Blue Jays - 2015 ALCS vs Kansas City (Pt. 4)

Nov 9 • 20:04
It iiiiiis Sportsfeld Storytime. This month we are revisiting the end of one of our favourite teams ever, the 2015 Blue Jays. In part 4, we look at the fallout of the end of the playoff run, as the Jays have their general manager step down just a few days after the season ends. How could the Jays have loaded up for 2016 and made a better run than the one they had? And does...

214. Alex Anthopolous Single Handedly Wins the World Series

Nov 4 • 01:11:13
How about that AA, folks. He pulled all the right strings and pressed all the right buttons, and the Atlanta baseball team won the World Series. Makes you feel... something, right? That coulda been us! Alex Anthopolous could've gotten the Jays a World Series by now, right? Well.... it's hard to say. Should we even care about this? Are people watching sports wrong? Did stat...

Storytime: Blue Jays - 2015 ALCS vs Kansas City (Pt. 3)

Nov 2 • 28:46
It iiiiiis Sportsfeld Storytime. This month we are revisiting the end of one of our favourite teams ever, the 2015 Blue Jays. In episode three, the Jays play their final game of the season, a crazy loss to the Kansas City Royals that had just about everything. Jake and Zubes remember the Amish kid that cheated and stole a home run, two mammoth near-forgotten Jose Bautista ...

213. I Want to Be Friends with Scottie Barnes

Oct 28 • 01:17:44
How could you not love Scottie Barnes? The Raptors rookie has won our hearts already with just four games, thanks in large part to doing the only thing that really matters: blowing out the Boston Celtics. We dig into the ups and downs of the beginning of the Raptors season as well as the mind-numbing experience of cheering for the Maple Leafs. Plus Zubes rants for about 15...

Storytime: Blue Jays - 2015 ALCS vs Kansas City (Pt. 2)

Oct 26 • 28:14
In Episode 2 of our look back at Game 6 of the 2015 ALCS, we dive into the Blue Jays incredible playoff run including going down 0-2 to Texas, Troy Tulowitzki's heroics, and a random home run by Jose Bautista that has been forgotten to time. We then discuss the first five games of the Royals series including taunting Johnny Cueto, the legend of Marco Estrada, and Ryan Goin...

212. Back in the North: Raptors Season Begins

Oct 21 • 01:16:07
The Raptors are back in town! Celebrate the Raptors first home game in... I don't know 1,000 days or something with our full Raptors season preview. We get into our hopes and fears for the season, and try to figure out if we expect this to be a playoff team, a play-in team, or a total write-off of a year. Then we talk about Deftones, how we're still somehow giving the NFL ...

Storytime: Blue Jays - 2015 ALCS vs Kansas City (Pt. 1)

Oct 19 • 24:29
The time has come once again to look back fondly on the 2015 Blue Jays. This time, the guys look back at a time they had blocked out of their memory: how the series against the Kansas City Royals came undone. Remember that Amish kid with the glove? The opposite field singles? The Ryan Goins missed pop up? We're putting ourselves through all of that again. But first, in epi...

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