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Sports? with Katie Nolan is a weekly show about sports and all the things tangentially related to sports. Its friends would describe it as "curious," "fun," and "a podcast." Weekly guests will include sports fans from all sorts of industries: comedy, film, television, science?

Popular episodes

Apostles Creed

Sep 24 • 01:37:47

Katie and the Union give advice for substitute teachers. Travis found an apartment, Christina is dog sitting and Katie went to AEW (21:15). Is Ben Simmons cool (39:14)? Is Aaron Rodgers growing his hair out for a Halloween costume (1:07:18)? Gronk doesn’t watch film (1:17:00). The Pope has some haters within the Vatican (1:27:20). Lastly, if you started a team what would y...

YOU go to bed

Sep 21 • 02:05:13

Katie and the Union discuss hangover cures, Katie’s new favorite show Squid Game (25:37), and, of course, Travis’ Big Announcement (31:40). Then, does Justin Fields hate Wednesdays (51:34)? Give Zach Wilson some time (1:04:05). Urban Meyer pleads with Jags fans for forgiveness (1:14:21). Has Kyler Murray seen Star Wars (1:22:06)? What’s worse: the NFL taunting rule or the ...

Watch us make you care

Sep 16 • 01:50:17

Katie and Travis discuss food and drinks they only like in specific instances. Friendly banter includes 20/20 and Dancing with the Stars (11:05). The Raiders can’t find their kicker (27:40). Darren Waller is the best Jon Gruden has ever coached. Jeopardy has a ghost hosting this week (46:08). Plus, the most comprehensive breakdown of the Met Gala you can find (51:16). Last...


Sep 14 • 02:01:59

Katie and Travis discuss where they would like to live for one year. Travis has a review of Click Bait (Spoiler Alert 13:56-18:35). What happened at the VMA’s (18:36) and AMC needs to get realistic (24:36). Tom Brady…still good (35:40). Urban Meyer’s NFL tenure is off to a bad start (40:34). Daniel Snyder…fix your stadium (51:41). Jameis Winston was prepared (1:15:50). Joe...

Frenchier Toast

Sep 9 • 01:24:08

Katie and the Union discuss trying to stay connected with friends. Friendly banter includes French toast, technology and new shows (11:14). Should Mac Jones propose to his girlfriend (36:41)? Lane Kiffin gets bonus for a game he didn’t coach (43:05). Is Billy B trusted (52:28)? The lone highlight from Hard Knocks (58:08). Katie is proud of her geography knowledge (1:09:02)...

Living Legend

Sep 7 • 01:46:52

Katie and the Union discuss proper etiquette at the grocery store. Christina needs dance friendly shoes, Katie meal prepped for Myrtle and Travis’ face is feeling better (9:55). Nobody does comedy better than Brian Kelly (36:30). Travis tweets too much during OSU games (50:30). Naomi Osaka is stepping away from tennis and people need to leave Sloane Stephens alone (1:27:50...

Chicken Little

Sep 2 • 01:39:20

Hung Jury

Aug 31 • 01:50:25

Katie and the Union give advice for making friends at a wedding. Travis’ weekend didn’t go so well, Christina found a new show and Myrtle puked on Dan (8:59). Thumbs down for the Mets (45:54). Katie regrets watching another Paul fight (54:10). Naomi Osaka had a message everyone can relate to (1:09:30). Did Trent Dilfer cross the line (1:21:54)? The Union tries their hand a...

New Cold War

Aug 26 • 01:34:16

Katie and the Union pick their favorite one hit wonder song. Friendly banter includes Katie being on time, Christina’s grandparents and Travis watching reality TV (8:50). College football is basically Survivor (33:25). Everson Griffin might want to talk to Kirk Cousins (44:55). Who has the sexiest college mascot (56:00)? Jeopardy has a mess on their hands (1:07:25). Finall...

Meat Touching Potatoes

Aug 24 • 01:53:37

Katie and the Union discuss meals they wish they could cook. Travis is mad at a TV show, Katie took out the trash and Christina had real plans (21:05). What should Washington’s new name be (53:55)? Justin Fields sees his future (1:02:30). Jeopardy has a little problem on their hands (1:20:40). A MLB Tiktok update (1:30:34). Finally, fictional guests Katie should interview ...

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