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Seed Talk Presented by Sports Tech Atlanta | A weekly Podcast hosted by Sterling and Taylor Mack focusing on the intersection of sports and technology.
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S.T.A Seed Talk | Start Up Initiatives & Sports Talk (CFB, Steelers, NBA)

Jan 12, 2021

"Equity League"




Here are our top sports tech storiesSports & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA), SFIA start up challenge. They're looking for driven entrepreneurs who are changing the landscape of the sports and fitness industry with their product, technology or idea.2 Minute Drill features entrepreneurs from allRead more

S.T.A Seed Talk | Hall of Fame Problem, Blast Motion, Hyperice, & Perfect Game

Feb 8, 2021

"Taylor knew how on The Weeknd performance was going to go"




We're bringing you a mix of sports and sports technologySports The issue with sports hall of fame voting.Sports TechSporting goods manufacturer Rawlings has reached a new partnership with motion sensor technology company Blast Motion.Hyperice, the maker of handheld massage and therapeutic devices,Read more

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S.T.A Seed Talk | New Years, KneeKG, WhatNot Trading

Jan 8, 2021

" Do we owe Peleton an apology for that commercial?"




Here are our top stories today in sports technology.New Years Recap and newsFirst Story, is KneeKG a cutting-edge medical diagnostic device that helps doctors assess the health of a patient’s knee while the patient is in motion and bearing weight—a revolutionary advancement for anyone sufferingRead more

S.T.A Seed Talk | MLB Contracts, VR & Premier League, NFL Football Helmet

Feb 22, 2021

"Westbrook joins Varo Bank as investor and advisor"



Here our top stories in sports & sports technology.SportsDiscussion: Long term lucrative pro contracts, good or bad?Why are their different QB comparisons between Dak Prescott & Deshaun Watson?Sports TechSky Worlds brings VR in an immersive 180 degree viewing experience for Premier League SoccerNFLRead more

S.T.A Seed Talk | NFL Coaching Problem, CBB & Senaptec Sensory Training

Jan 26, 2021

"IU Angle Network launches initiative targeting entrepreneurs and startups in the sports world"



The sports news world collides with our sports technology world.College Basketball, and the struggle of blueblood programsNFL's non-hiring of African American coaches (discussion)NFL Divisional Championship Games30min mark | Sports TechSenaptec, is a biotech company that focuses on sensoryRead more

S.T.A Seed Talk | Skillz Athlete Training, MoonRun In-home Training & JABII Boxing

Dec 16, 2020

"Discussing The Skills Platform"



Here our top stories in sports tech.News Deloitte's Sports Business GroupStoriesThe Skills training course their mission is to create the premier online platform for sports education, where the world's best teach their skills on a global scale.MoonRun is a highly technological, portable, cardioRead more

S.T.A Seed Talk | Vitruvian Trainer & Future of Sport Simulators

Mar 19, 2021

"Green Park Sports adds $14M series A round "


Here are our top sports technology stories.Sports-ish:Sterling discusses the bachelor's racial crossroadsSports TechnologyVitruvian Trainer, a digital resistance weight training system, designed to connect to your smart tv & phone app providing workouts & smart resistance for its usersGolfRead more

S.T.A Seed Talk | Nov 2nd

Nov 3, 2020

"An old take on Blake Snell. Padres got a good one"


Here are our top sports technology stories.Hot Route Analytics. The company is a Charlotte-based tech startup that partners with small and medium-sized university athletics programs to become their personal analytics team. Stack Sports and Battlefy are Partnering up to provide sports organizationsRead more

S.T.A Seed Talk | NBA TopShot Hype, Automated Sports Training Camera

Mar 9, 2021

"NBA Top Shot"


Here are our top sports tech stories.Sports:NBA TopShot Trading Frenzy, moments selling for $100k+Tech StoriesPixellot, Sports Engine Expand Partnership to Provide Automated Cameras to Youth SportsIntel’s 3DAT technology...enabling trainers to use videos and then take that information, synthesizeRead more

S.T.A Seed Talk | NBA Superstars , Mojo Coaching App, Light Lace Athletic Sensors

Feb 15, 2021

"Can you be a contender when your best player can’t get his own shot"


SportsNBA- can you be a contender when you’re best player can’t get his own shot in the final minutes?Sports Tech (23 min mark)Youth Sports Coaching App Mojo, providing youth coaches high level training/expertise from professional coaches.Light Lace, Using Laser Sensors, athletic wear that senseRead more
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