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We take you along with us into the journeys of the professionals across the sports industry. From social media managers to executives. They share with us all their experiences and insight into what they do. From the time we are born we are placed in a bubble. It may be a result of where we areRead more

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Ep. 004: Your Journey Isn't Meant to be Predictable! Andrew Fletcher Former Assistant Athletic Director at Fort Lewis College and Current Sports Sales Manager at VISIT BENTONVILLE

Jun 20 • 32:49

Our guest Andrew Fletcher former Assistant Athletic Director at Fort Lewis College and current Sports Sales Manager at Visit Bentonville. We discuss his transition up the leadership ladder in the sports world. He also shares with us his own battles that he had to overcome due to the Pandemic. Sometimes the journey in sports doesn't go the way you plan but it is all part of...

Ep. 003: You Are Not a Fraud!

Jun 13 • 23:16

In this episode, we take a look at the term Imposter Phenomenon otherwise known as the Imposter Syndrome. I'll be the first to admit I deal with it myself, it is a constant battle. Most of us have dealt with it or are dealing with it now. Let's take a look at the Imposter Phenomenon, what are ways I have learned to handle it, and of course, let you know you are not alone!...

Ep. 002: Don't Sell Yourself Short, Logan Belz the Assistant Athletic Director for Special Projects at California State University Bakersfield

Jun 6 • 38:05

We are joined by the first guest of the season Logan Belz the Assistant Athletic Director for Special Projects at California State University, Bakersfield. We discuss building relationships, the power of making people feel special, and the skills that have allowed him to be amazing at selling tickets. Join us as he breakdowns down his journey from ticket operations assista...

Ep. 001: Tupperware Emptied Marks the Return

May 30 • 10:12

THE SPORTS AS A JOB PODCAST IS BACK! It has been two months since the last episode but I am now back. I discuss why I have been away, what it took for me to feel ready to come back, and what to expect from the podcast from here on out. ...

Journey of Justin Newell from Wildlife Research through College Athletics to now an Assistant Athletic Director at Kenyon College

Mar 21 • 38:20

This episode’s guest is Justin Newell the Assistant Athletic Director for NCAA Compliance and Operations at Kenyon College and CEFMA 2020 - 2021 president. Justin’s path started working in endangered species after graduating college before finding his way into the world of college athletics. He rose through the ranks in college athletics working at schools such as Tulane U...

Director of Events & Facilities at Baylor University Athletics, Sarah Deffebach

Mar 7 • 27:56

We are joined by Sarah Deffebach the Director of Events & Facilities at Baylor University Athletics. She is a former GA  of Athletic Operations for Clemson University and before that the Athletic Department Internal Operations Intern at Fresno State University. Sarah shares what working events and facilities is all about. We discuss how titles don't mean everything because...

Founder of Latinx in Sports and Sponsorship & Tours Coordinator for ISL, Alana Meraz

Feb 21 • 35:28

The guest of this episode of Sports As A Job is Alana Meraz. She is the founder of Latinx in Sports an organization focused on creating a community for Latinx in sports. She is currently a Sponsorship and Tours Coordinator for ISL. She has event management experience with the Arizona Diamondbacks, Arizona Sun Devils Athletics, Arizona Sports and Entertainment Commission, a...

Sharing Major Takeaways From the NCAA Emerging Leaders Seminar

Feb 7 • 32:35

I got to participate in the NCAA Emerging Leaders Seminar a  three-day virtual event put on by the NCAA Leadership Development team this past week. Three days of leadership development, guest speakers, interacting with other young professionals, and three days of transformation. Do not worry if you did not get to participate, I share the major takeaways and lessons I got....

Life Isn't All About Work, Eric Mathews the Assistant Media Relations Director for the University of Hawaii - Manoa Athletics

Jan 24 • 43:46

The guest of this Sports As A Job Podcast episode is Eric Mathews the Assistant Media Relations Director for the University of Hawaii - Manoa Athletics. Eric is working for a program that he dreamed about and it only happened from taking a big risk. We discuss how making your life all about the sports industry isn't the best approach. He shares advice that many of the peop...

The Ultimate Question: Why Do You Want to Work in Sports? Let me help you find your reason.

Jan 18 • 08:00

To stand out from the thousands of people that work in sports it is important to stand out from others. One of the most frequent questions asked early on in our career is "Why Do You Want to Work in Sports?" I will share with you what my answer used to be and what it is now. ...

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