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A podcast that cares about every part of college football. Hosts Steven Godfrey, Richard Johnson, and Alex Kirshner take you through the good, the bad, the ugly, and the flat-out interesting nuts and bolts of the college football landscape. 

Popular episodes

The big coaching carousel mess of 2021

Dec 1 • 01:21:56

Richard, Alex, and Godfrey preview conference championship weekend and the potential Playoff drama to come, then discuss the historically messy week that unfolded in the college football coaching industry. Oklahoma has a weird recruiting saga on its hands, LSU made a hire that appeased a specific set of stakeholders, and Richard reports on how people in the sport feel abou...

Week 13: We picked our hill, and Oklahoma State killed us on it

Nov 28 • 46:46

Alex and Richard take a slightly longer-than-usual trip through the weekend in college football. Michigan vindicated a podcast opinion, but Oklahoma State very much did not. Plus thoughts on a whole bunch of other Rivalry Weekend action. Subscribe to our Patreon at ...

The undercurrents of Florida's coach search

Nov 23 • 01:14:52

Florida man Richard Johnson talks with Alex about the underlying factors that might inform Florida's sudden search for Dan Mullen's successor. (The University of Florida has a lot going on.) Plus, a discussion of WKU's instant-pot transfer portal offense, sizing up some of Rivalry Week's big games, and live reactions to James Franklin's new contract at Penn State....

Week 12: A great for UT (SA/ah)

Nov 21 • 30:43

Alex and Richard take you on a 30-minute journey through Week 12, and this time, they don't even go over time. Utah dominated, UTSA had one of the finishes of the year, Ohio State-Michigan is for it all, NIU's magic carpet ride rolls on, the top of the Sun Belt looks fierce, and Cincinnati rebuilds some equity. Also, a certain Florida coach's buyout figures are included. S...

LSU, UW, VT, and 2021's spinning carousel

Nov 18 • 01:32:16

Godfrey, Richard, and Alex talk about the rapidly speeding-up coaching carousel, hopping from Washington to Virginia Tech to LSU and even down to North Texas. Then a discussion of the inexplicable mess that's unfolded at FIU, which is now a case study in how to mismanage a football program, plus a tasting menu and vested interests. Subscribe to our Patreon at splitzoneduo....

Week 11: O no, OU

Nov 14 • 37:35

Richard and Godfrey take a 30ish minute journey through Week 11 including OU’s loss to Baylor, Tennessee scripted the first drive of the game, but not the rest of it, Arkansas won?, Florida “won”, Ohio State WON, one of us begins to think some things about Oklahoma State that are truly terrifying, Cincinnati was fine compared to the last few weeks, our punting king hit a g...

The Texas high school football coach is a proud breed

Nov 10 • 01:30:44

Week 10: Oops I Purdid it again

Nov 7 • 36:34

Godfrey and Richard take a 30ish-minute journey through the college football weekend. The Purdue Boilermakers, destroyer of worlds (but only if you’re the No. 2 or No. 3 team in the polls), Ohio elites played with their food to varying degrees, The Old Man Yells At A Cloud, Arizona won!, Washington very much didn’t on the field or off!, why did Army and Air Force play in a...

Cincinnati, Gary Patterson, and the Texas coaching carousel

Nov 3 • 01:30:53

Godfrey, Richard, and Alex disagree over what Cincinnati's initial No. 6 ranking really says about the Playoff committee's view of the Bearcats. Then, we talk about Gary Patterson's impact on TCU and how his time at TCU barreled toward an acrimonious end, and compare and contrast various Texas head coaching jobs heading into what's likely to be a hectic carousel in the Lon...

Week 9: Sparty party

Oct 31 • 34:02

Alex and Richard take a 30ish-minute journey through the college football weekend: Michigan State showed its mettle, Michigan did too and somehow lost anyway, Houston and SMU played the game of the year, Ohio State had better players, Pitt found an innovative way to lose, and Bowling Green put together an absolute tapestry. Subscribe to our Patreon at ...

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