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A boozy weekly podcast about mythology, legends and folklore. Hear fresh takes on classic myths and learn new stories from around the world, served up over ice by two tipsy history geeks.

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260: Your Urban Legends LVII - The Mold Finds a Way

Dec 1 • 49:43

We’re delivering your urban legends; hot, fresh, and straight from a creepy basement. Or perhaps you’d like a creepy attic door that refuses to close. It’s a real buffet of creepiness, served up for you. ...

259: Advice from Folklore VI (with Dr. Moiya McTier)

Nov 24 • 56:25

The gods are back to give advice, with advice dealing with angsty teenagers from a teacher of gods, to learning to become fluent in fae speak to get out of uncomfortable conversations. Just in time for the holidays!...

258: Paul Bunyan and Indigenous Traditions (with Leah Lemm)

Nov 17 • 45:08

Sometimes you just gotta go off about Paul Bunyan and timber. We’re joined by Leah Lemm, who shares with us growing up with Paul Bunyan stories, how he became a villain in her eyes, and how to honor history without making things up.  ...

257: Athena

Nov 10 • 53:15

It’s Girl Boss Time-- We mean, Athena Time. We talk about some cool birds that we like, how Meryl Streep is channeling Athena in most of the movies she’s in, and how weaving is cooler than war, anyway. ...

256: Your Urban Legends LVI: The Spookiest Story We’ve Ever Told

Nov 3 • 52:59

Content Warning: This episode contains conversations about or mentions of corrupt law enforcement, racism, dangerous working conditions, disappearances, scientific experimentation, Alzheimer’s, sharks, insects, migraines, mining and mining accidents, animals in peril, dissociation, memory loss, politics, human sacrifice, and pandemic.   ...

255: The Conjuring and Haunted Houses (Myth Movie Night)

Oct 27 • 55:08

We’re talking demons, haunted houses, and horror tropes as we watch 2013’s The Conjuring. And asking the important question: How long would YOU live in this haunted a house?...

254: Mermaids, Magic, and Murder (with Maggie Tokuda-Hall)

Oct 20 • 44:59

This week, author Maggie Tokuda-Hall joins us to talk about all things murder and magic. From the exploration of gender, to werewolves as a metaphor for trauma, and everything in between, this interview has it all! ...

253: Apollo

Oct 13 • 51:31

We’re back visiting the Olympian gods and this time it’s finance bro Apollo. We talk about all the women (and men!) Apollo has wronged, and of course, celebrate SoupFest 2021. You’re welcome, Apollo. ...

252: Your Urban Legends LV - Messy Chicken Bone Eater

Oct 6 • 50:15

We’re going on a haunted date through the forest. Because you don’t really know your partner until you see how polite they are to a terrifying German bone man. But bonus points if they’re ghost hunting grandmas. ...

251: Advice from Folklore V (with Dr. Moiya McTier)

Sep 29 • 55:21

Hold on a second, we’re channeling the gods to answer your questions about creativity, religion, bachelorette parties, body image and more. Don’t worry, your cool wine Aunt Inanna is here to help....

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