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Spirit in the Sky Podcast with Psychic Medium Jon Gerner


Jon Gerner is an experienced psychic medium who specializes in connecting people with their loved ones that have passed. Join Jon as he discusses the afterlife and his personal experiences with ghosts and spirts, angels, orbs, past-life experiences, spirit guides, reincarnation, and the paranormal.Read more

Popular episodes

Episode 21: Signs, signs everywhere signs.

Nov 8 • 27:33

Episode 20: A Reading with Lynsey.

Sep 15 • 40:06

Episode 19: Orbs and the Man in the Black Hat.

Sep 12 • 28:39

Episode 18: A reading with a mother, who's son was murdered.

May 9 • 45:23

Episode 17: We're Back!

May 5 • 50:51

Episode 16: Past Life Regressions

Mar 29 • 59:37

Episode 15: All Dogs go to Heaven

Mar 22 • 52:48

Episode 14: Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, Out of body experiences and Barb Johnson

Mar 8 • 47:49
Jon answers questions on guardian Angels, spirit guides, out of body experiences, soul memories and Heavenly visits in dreams. Also discussions on animals here and in heaven, especially pet chickens that love corn and Lucky #148!
Host: Jon Gerner
Co-Host: John Geibler 
Produced by: Broken Finch productions


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Episode 13: Heavenly visits and life-saving messages saves a daughter's life.

Mar 1 • 42:34

Episode 12: A father connects with his son Michael in Heaven through "Table Tipping"

Feb 22 • 56:44
Like seances, table tipping has been around for hundreds of years. John Toth shares his ability to communicate to his son Michael who has passed years ago. He discusses his own psychic abilities, the readings he had with me, and the unusual way his son Michael encouraged him to be on the show. 
Host: Jon Gerner 
Co-host: John Geibler
Guest: John Toth ;


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