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Inspiration for today’s spiritual growth and overall healthier living: body, mind, heart, soul. Caleb Anderson interviews amazing people that offer fresh insights and unique perspectives for a more fulfilling life. Plus, teachings that celebrate inclusive grace and wholistic growth, helping youRead more

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The ABC's of Life

Jun 23 • 51:01

John Jolliffe, Spirit Farm's unofficial resident 'Yoda' is back on the podcast! John is a licensed marriage and family therapist with over four decades of professional experience. Caleb talks with John about his 'ABC's of Life' and '5 rules for optimum mental & emotional health'. These practical tools will help you evaluate your own thinking and how that affects your emoti...

Change Your Thinking Change Your LIfe

Jun 2 • 01:06:59

In this episode Caleb talks with real estate investor and coach Mark Owens from Baltimore Maryland. Mark has built a very successful business which was born out of a past of drug addiction, multiple robberies, homelessness, and numerous prison sentences. Mark’s mindset in his teens and 20’s was that he would either overdose or get shot and die eventually. It wasn’t until M...

Wealth, Gratitude & Generosity

May 26 • 50:26

In this episode Caleb has a fascinating conversation with John Lefebvre. John is a musician, composer, entrepreneur, retired lawyer, philanthropist, climate change activist, and author of the books, "All's Well: Where Thou Art Earth & Why" and "Good with Money: A Rich Guy's Guide to Gaining Everything by Losing it All". John grew up in the world-changing culture of the 60'...

Building the Business of You

May 19 • 45:33

In this episode of the podcast Caleb interviews Connie Steele. Connie is the Co-Founder of Flywheel Associates, a business consultancy company and the author of the new book, "Building the Business of You". In this informative and inspirational conversation you will hear Connie's career journey following a traditional corporate path to pivoting to what she calls the 'caree...

Turning Adversity Into Advantage

May 12 • 50:00

In this episode Caleb speaks with his friend and coaching client, Joe Cohen. Joe is living with a genetic condition called polycystic kidney disease. In this inspiring conversation you'll learn how Joe has turned this adversity into his advantage by creating a 4-step philosophy to thrive in life. No matter what your circumstances and challenges are, these steps will improv...

Shae Leonard

Mar 3 • 34:26

In this episode Caleb talks with Shae Leonard. Shae is a certified Physicians Assistant practicing functional medicine health coaching as a mental health, gut and hormone expert. Shae's passion for helping others is born out of her own health struggles that conventional medicine did not solve. In this conversation you will learn that 90% of the time we don't need a convent...

Bobby Barzi

Feb 24 • 55:14

In this episode of the podcast Caleb talks with Bobby Barzi, the founder of Fodada, a clothing line that celebrates, promotes and supports dads. Bobby shares his journey of becoming a dad himself and how his perspective has shifted about what healthy "fatherhood' is. Bobby began Fodada in May of 2012 with the mission of using a tangible good to carry a powerful message and...

Simon Squibb

Feb 17 • 59:19

In this episode Caleb talks with Simon Squibb from his home in London. Simon left school at 15 years old and out of necessity began a life of entrepreneurship. Since that time Simon has created 18 companies, invested in 68 start-ups and 'retired' at age 40 after selling his award-winning digital marketing company Fluid. Today, Simon has one of the "Top 20" Podcasts in the ...

Tessa Graff

Feb 10 • 01:12:22

Sit back and enjoy this enlightening and joyful conversation with Caleb and Tessa Graff. Tessa has worked with people young and old her whole life as a "spiritual director". Tessa has the ability to help people see where God is at work in their lives and how they can better see and connect with the God who uniquely created them. Tessa uses her God-given gifts and combines ...

Albus Brooks

Feb 3 • 58:05

In this episode of the podcast Caleb sat down at the end of 2020 with his life-long friend Albus Brooks. In this far ranging conversation Albus takes us on the journey of his life and the 'thread of his life's calling' that has guided him forward. Albus was an all-star football player on a trajectory to the NFL when an injury ended that dream in college. After that setback...

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