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SPIRIT BOX A podcast exploring folklore, esoterica and the mysteries of spirit world. From the secrets of the Jinn to the whisperings of demons and everything in between.

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#77 / Peter Mark Adams on Sola-Busca tarot , Reiki & Entity attachment.

Dec 3 • 56:05

For episode #77 we are joined by Peter Mark Adams, Peter is a Scarlet Imprint, Inner Traditions & Corbel Stone Press author, poet, and essayist specialising in ethnographies of spirit, sacred landscapes, esotericism, consciousness, and healing.  

Peter has a background in Philosophy and has undertaken advanced studies with the Warburg Institute, London. He is an Associate M...

#76 / Veronica Rivas on Maria Padilha, Kurukulla & Dakinis.

Nov 24 • 01:09:02

Verónica Rivas (Melong Yeshe) is an Uruguayan author and researcher based in Brazil. Her cosmological and anthropological studies in magical practices among Eastern cultures led her to become interested in healing techniques.   ...

#75 / Nathan Isaac on The Penny Royal Podcast

Oct 22 • 01:06:32

What do a Karst landscape, the Kentucky anomaly, a meat shower, and a mysterious cult have in common? They are linked by the strange and unexplained activity originating from the Pennyroyal Plateau, Kentucky and the subject matter of the superb Penny Royal Podcast.  Today we are joined by the creator and host Nathan Isaac as he takes us through the remarkable story he and ...

#74 / Trialogue, Tommie Kelly, Spud Murphy. Divinity in Nature and Blood in Magick

Oct 15 • 01:01:44

For episode 74 we are joined by Tommie Kelly and Spud Murphy, the hosts of the “Tommie and Spud Talk About” podcast amongst many other things.

In a very lighthearted show, we discuss, finding the divine in nature, and realities of foraging or growing your own food. We chat about folklore surrounding bloodletting on St Martin’s day, and the use of blood in magick....

#73 / Wren Collier on Creativity, Mycelia and Astral Travelling.

Sep 24 • 01:03:05

For episode 73 we’re joined by Wren Collier. Wren is a ritual magician and an avid scholar of the paranormal, having been obsessed from an early age with the anomalous and the occult. He is a skilled creator and maker, crafting beautiful magickal tools. He is also a keen gardener and mushroom cultivator and has created an online calculator utilizing the New Aeon English Qa...

#72 / Dr Maria Vivod, The Fairy Seers of Eastern Serbia.

Sep 17 • 58:22

Dr Maria Vivod is an Ethnologist and anthropologist from Serbia, with an interest in Visual Anthropology. Today we discuss the subject of one of her short documentary films and accompanying paper “The Fairy Seers of Eastern Serbia”

The fairy-seers of Southeastern Europe are usually women who fall into trance through dancing on special days in a year and are able to communic...

#71 / Jason Miller, Spirits, Travel and the Cremation grounds of Pashupatinath.

Sep 9 • 57:48

For episode 71 we welcome Jason Miller. He has written five books including the now classic Protection and Reversal Magick and he teaches  a number of courses online including the Strategic Sorcery Training Course, The Black School of St Cyprian, and The Sorcery of Hekate....

#70 / Michelle DeVrieze on the Hidden Predator: the shadow side of Reality

Sep 3 • 01:43:56

For episode 70 we are joined by martial artist, researcher and mystic Michelle DeVrieze discussing her research paper into the hidden predator behind the missing 411 phenomena and its relationship with archetypes and initiation.  Are we dealing with a self-serving, predatory race using an advanced form of psychological warfare that’s terraforming our reality through the hu...

#69 / Hand of Nikara, Ayahuasca: The Dark Side of the Medicine

Aug 22 • 01:10:41

For episode 69 we welcome EFT practitioner, Reiki healer and Tarot reader, Hand of Nikara to the Spirit Box.  In this episode, she shares her experience with Ayahuasca and what she has learned over the years as a result of the trauma she went through during her 2014 Ayahuasca ceremony.  Her journey through the world of ceremonial magick has shown her the necessity of learn...

#68 / The Puck Fair and marriage to the land

Aug 14 • 45:55

A few weeks back I was talking about the Puck Fair in Killorglin, Co Kerry, in the southwest of Ireland. For those of you not familiar with the fair, essentially is a Lughnasadh adjacent festival where a wild billy goat is caught on the mountainside the goat is brought back to the town, and the Queen of Puck, traditionally a schoolgirl from one of the local primary schools...

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