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Resources for Speech Therapists and Parents: Speech Therapy Activities, Games and How-Tos

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When, How, and Why to Use AAC with a Child

Oct 10 • 25:45

Welcome to the Speech and Language Kids Podcast!  Today we're talking about how, when, and why to use AAC or augmentative-alternative communication devices and systems.  AAC allows children who are not able to talk to use something else to communicate with those around them.  Every child has the right to communication and it is our...

Why Do Speech Therapists Group Children Together?

Sep 12 • 26:39

In this episode of the Speech and Language Kids Podcast, speech-language pathologist Carrie Clark discusses the benefits of groups speech therapy for children and why speech therapists group children together.  Carrie also discusses the types of cases that benefit from individual therapy. Click Here to Download Your Free Group Therapy Resource Pack...

The Speech Therapist’s Role in Reading and Writing in Children and Adolescents

Aug 8 • 21:31

In this episode of The Speech and Language Kids Podcast, speech-language pathologist Carrie Clark discusses what speech therapists can do to help with literacy (reading and writing) skills in children and adolescents. What is Literacy? Pre-reading skills like phonological awareness and basic language skills Reading skills Writing skills Why do Children with...

Speech Therapy for Children with Hypernasality

Jul 11 • 30:42

In this episode of the Speech and Language Kids Podcast, speech-language pathologist Carrie Clark discusses how to do speech therapy with a child who has hypernasality (or too much resonance in the nasal cavity) when they speak. Notes: ***First, determine if there is a functional cause: Refer to an ENT or cleft palate...

Stuttering Therapy Activity Ideas

Jun 13 • 30:27

In this episode of The Speech and Language Kids Podcast, speech-language pathologist Carrie Clark explores different stuttering therapy activities that you can do in speech therapy to help your kiddos who stutter. Click Here to Download Your Free Stuttering Cheat Sheets Preschooler Stuttering Therapy: Indirect Therapy: Identify fast vs. slow speech...

Speech Therapy Activities for Apraxia

May 9 • 26:16

Sometimes it can be difficult to know exactly what you should be working on with your children with childhood apraxia of speech.  In this podcast episode, I break down speech sound learning in different levels.  Then, I give practical therapy activities that can be used for each level.  Click the play button below to listen...

Where to Start in Therapy for Non-Verbal Children – Functional Communication

Apr 11 • 28:59

Do you know a child with autism who isn't able to communicate basic wants and needs?  Does the child lack the social skills to participate in social interactions?  Do you need a guide for how to improve functional communication in a young child with autism? Well don't you worry, you've come to the right place!...

Teaching Children to Repair Communication Breakdowns

Mar 13 • 33:23

Join speech-language pathologist Carrie Clark as she discusses how you can teach a child to repair a communication breakdown during speech therapy sessions or at home. Notes: 1) Teach them How to Recognize a Communication Breakdown Recognize looks of confusion: start with photos of people either looking or not looking confused and then...

Improving Summarizing Skills in Children Through Literacy

Feb 8 • 23:47

Today, speech-language pathologist Carrie Clark explains how to help a child learn to summarize an event or story through the use of literacy activities.  Listen below! Show Notes: Step One: Teach Main Idea Click Here to See How to Teach Main Idea Click Here to Download my Free Main Idea/Details Worksheet...

Working Smarter to Help Children with Speech and Language Skills

Jan 11 • 28:16

Learn how to reduce burn-out and stress whether you're a speech therapist or a parent of a child with speech and language delays.  (Episode 55 of the Speech and Language Kids Podcast) Manage Your Time Parents: Break practice sessions up into small chunks.  5 minutes in the morning and 5 at night is...

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