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Passionate & Compassionate conversations about all areas of sex, love & connection with The Pleasure Mechanics. Explicit, soulful, candid conversations rich with erotic knowledge and know-how.

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Playing With Penetration Part 2: Internal Stimulation

Dec 3 • 34:24

There is so much more to penetration than the in and out stroke we all know all too well. In this rousing episode we explore all the ways to pleasure and play internally during penetration. From techniques to create all new ranges of sensation to the emotional experience of deep penetration, this episode opens up […]...

Playing With Penetration: Graceful Penetration & Active Receiving

Nov 26 • 37:34

Penetration is amongst many people’s favorite erotic acts, but also one that has been severely limited and disrespected by the historical scripts of intercourse. There is SO much more possible beyond repetitive in-and-out intercourse. Many people long for more passionate, playful and orgasmic penetration, both solo and partnered. Many people want to feel more emotional […]...

The Masturbatory Assist

Nov 19 • 39:21

The Masturbatory Assist is a game changing strategy that unlocks way more pleasure, intimacy and shared joy in relationships. In this free podcast episode we explore how you can use the Masturbatory Assist to create more closeness in long term relationships, long distance relationships, and relationships with “mismatched libidos” or when one partner is not […]...

Expanding Erotic Horizons

Nov 12 • 39:52

If you are bored with sex, stuck in a rut or ready to explore beyond traditional sex scripts, this episode is for you. We explore how to start expanding your erotic horizons, explore your desires, initiate vulnerable conversations and grant yourself permission to try new things, in and out of the bedroom. Be sure to […]...

Curate Your Erotic Expression

Oct 29 • 30:10

This podcast episode is an invitation into the lifelong process of curating your erotic expression and exploring your creativity. In this episode we look at erotic expression specifically through the lens of the toys, tools, accessories and costumes we bring into our erotic realms. This includes everything from lingerie and clothing to toys and kink […]...

Getting Off Script

Oct 26 • 33:39

Getting off script means confronting the social scripts, expectations and norms that have shaped who we understand ourselves to be, in and out of the bedroom. Getting off script requires us to examine our social identities, both assigned and chosen, and determine where we have more agency to express more of who we are and […]...

Power Bottom Playbook

Oct 22 • 39:51

Glimmers and Sparks – Coming Home To Pleasure

Oct 15 • 26:55

If triggers are the cues that send our body into stress and survival mode, glimmers are the antidote. Glimmers are our invitations back home into a state of calm, safe social belonging. Glimmers are moments that remind us to return to pleasure, rest, calm and connection – no matter how big the storm around us. […]...

Managing Trauma Triggers

Oct 8 • 49:51

In this episode we speak with Jamila Dawson, LMFT and August McLaughlin, authors of the new book With Pleasure: Managing Trauma Triggers for More Vibrant Sex and Relationships. We cover the basics of what trauma is, the lifelong impact of trauma, how trauma disrupts our safety and social belonging, what triggers are (and are not!) […]...

Designing The Ultimate Handjob Machine

Oct 1 • 37:26

What does it take to design the ultimate handjob machine? Can a device really deliver smooth satisfying strokes? How can we keep the Sex in SexTech? In this special episode of Speaking of Sex, we speak to Jens Petter Wilhelmsen, founder of the company behind The Handy, the world’s most innovative and satisfying stroking device. […]...

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