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Speak Out with Tim Wise is an informative and entertaining podcast aimed at promoting multiracial democracy and justice in dangerous times. The show features the biting, factual, and humorous commentary of its host, alongside dialogue with some of the nation's leading scholars, artists andRead more

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Episode 61 - Your Money or Your Life: COVID-19 and the False Choice of the Far-Right

May 7 • 58:04
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In this episode, I discuss the anti-lockdown protests and opposition to ongoing quarantining in the face of COVID-19. Rather than focusing on the extremist gun nuts, anti-vaxxers, and conspiracy loons behind some of this activity, I focus on the more reasonable fears of average, everyday folks, simply worried about the economy and their ability to support their families.


Episode 60: Political Organizing with Gratitude & Humility Rather than Guilt and Shame

Apr 16 • 01:03:40
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In this episode, I explore the importance of gratitude and humility, in terms of how we think of our own place and the place of others in the economy (especially in this moment of quarantine), and also as political organizing tools.

As we enter the home stretch for the 2020 election, activists in both the Biden camp and Sanders camp have been quick to deploy guilt and sham...

Episode 59 - Facts Don't Care About Your Feelings, But Decent People Do: The Dangerous Emotional Detachment of the Right

Nov 27 • 55:25
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In this episode, I examine the right's new favorite mantra -- "facts don't care about your feelings" -- and what it says about modern conservatism's deeply stunted emotional core.

Looking at the political, philosophical and psychological underpinnings of this notion, that "reason and logic" are a) conservative, and b) in opposition to feelings and emotion (which are "liber...

Episode 58: Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and the Need for Solidarity

Nov 2 • 01:20:43
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On this episode, taped live at the 2019 National Conference on Race and Ethnicity in Higher Education, Tim and his guests discuss the need for solidarity between Jews and Muslims in the face of growing white nationalism, fueled by deep-seated anti-Semitism as well as Islamophobia.

As synagogues and mosques around the world come under attack from terrorists intent on sowing...

Episode 57 - Affirmative Action, the Model Minority Myth & Right-Wing Divide-and-Conquer

Oct 14 • 01:27:42
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In this episode, taped live at the 2019 National Conference on Race and Ethnicity in Higher Education, Tim and his panelists discuss the way in which Asian Americans have long been viewed by some as a "model minority," and how that framing papers over ongoing racism against all persons of color, incuding Asian folks.

Particular attention is given to the way in which this t...

Episode 56 - When Hate Comes to Campus: Responding to the New White Nationalism in the Age of Trump

Jul 31 • 01:24:19
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In this episode, taped live at the 2019 National Conference on Race and Ethnicity in Higher Education (NCORE), Tim and his panel discuss the rise of overt racist and white nationalist organizing in America, and especially on college campuses.

With groups like Identity Europa actively recruiting college students, and with young people especially susceptible to right-wing ra...

Episode 55 - Antifa: Myths and Realities with Daryle Lamont Jenkins

Jun 25 • 01:09:00
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In this episode, Tim speaks with Daryle Lamont Jenkins, founder of One People's Project and a leading figure in the American antifa (anti-fascist) movement.

With so much misinformation about antifa in mainstream corporate media, Tim and Daryle take the opportunity to discuss what antifa is and what it isn't; to discuss various tactics of antifa, from releasing the personal...

Episode 54 - Redemption & Restoration for the Formerly Incarcerated: A Conversation with Bettie Kirkland of Project Return

May 14 • 51:04
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On this episode, Tim speaks with Bettie Kirkland of Project Return: a Nashville-based non-profit that has been working for forty years to help formerly incarcerated persons find jobs, and most recently housing, despite the oftentimes substantial barriers they face to both.

Tim and Bettie discuss Project Return’s efforts over the years, how their work can help break down pe...

Episode 53 - Dying of Whiteness: A Conversation with Scholar Jonathan Metzl

Apr 2 • 55:50
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In this episode, Tim speaks with Dr. Jonathan Metzl, a professor of sociology and psychiatry at Vanderbilt University, and the author of the new book, Dying of Whiteness: How the Politics of Racial Resentment is Killing America’s Heartland. In his groundbreaking volume, Metzl sets out to explore and answer the question: why do working class and struggling white Americans s...

Episode 52: Palestine/Israel, the Firing of Marc Lamont Hill & the Limits of Open Inquiry

Dec 4 • 52:38
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On this episode, Tim discusses CNN’s firing of contributor Marc Lamont Hill (a former guest on the show), for comments he made in favor of full equality and justice for the Palestinian people.

Hill’s words, misinterpreted as a call for violence against Israeli Jews, have demonstrated not only the intellectual dishonesty of some of Israel’s most militant defenders, but also...

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