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Through the Moongate - Escape from Mount Drash to Origin Systems Inc.

Jan 14 • 21:16

Spam Spam Spam Humbug will be, for the next several weeks, doing a complete read-through of Andrea Contato’sThrough the Moongate. This week covers the growing tensions (and eventual break) between Richard Garriott and Sierra On-Line, the development of Escape from Mount Drash, the development of Ultima 3, and the founding of Origin Systems Inc....

Through the Moongate - Ultima II: Revenge of the Enchantress

Dec 18 • 13:49

Through the Moongate - Sierra On-Line

Dec 4 • 16:03

Through the Moongate - Difficult Choices

Nov 19 • 16:46

Through the Moongate - Ultima

Nov 5 • 16:20

Redux: Ultima 5 & The Fall of Astaroth

Jul 18 • 01:09:57

Two throwbacks for the price of one! This is a remix of two now-ancient (you can tell by the audio quality!) episodes of the podcast: Episode 5 (a discussion about — what else? — Ultima 5) and Episode 9 (a dramatic reading by Linguistic Dragon of a piece of fan fiction of his own creation, The Fall of Astaroth)....

A Night at the Museum

Jul 2 • 01:38:13

Through the Moongate - The Difficult Chronology of the Dawn of CRPGs

Jun 17 • 12:03

Byte-Sized Virtue - Sacrifice is Voluntary

May 21 • 11:12

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