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Space is rapidly growing into an exciting ecosystem for business. In this podcast we hear from entrepreneurs, executives, investors and others about the many opportunities that exist. This podcast is produced by the Space Business Institute in partnership with the International Space University.

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#53 Luca Rossettini, D-Orbit: space logistics

Nov 26 • 57:33

My guest this week is Luca Rossettini, founder and CEO of D-Orbit, arguably one of the most prominent European new space companies. D-Orbit is already successfully operating a last-mile delivery service in orbit, a so-called space tug, but there is so much more on their visionary roadmap. Luca and I talk all about it - enjoy!...

#52 Space Stations Galore

Nov 19 • 13:53

This week's episode is another short teach-in episode, just like my episodes #34 on business models in space and #43 on Starship. This time we will talk about space stations, in light of the recent announcements of two new proposed commercial space stations. Enjoy!...

#51 - Mo Islam, Payload Space

Nov 5 • 50:06

My guest this week is Mo Islam from Payload Space, a new space focused media company. If you are like me, you are always on the lookout for where to get your space news from –besides this podcast of course. The Payload email newsletter, which is their first product, is one of my favorites - sign up here. They recently closed their seed getting money from a number of invest...

#49 Exo-Space - edge computing in space

Oct 22 • 43:21

My guests this week are from Exo-Space, a company offering a platform for on-orbit data processing, so basically edge computing in space. That is becoming quite a popular topic for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that we are generating an ever increasing amount of data in space. Let’s hear all about it!...

#48 Luc Piguet, ClearSpace

Oct 15 • 01:02:06

This week we are talking about space debris. My guest is Luc Piguet, co-founder and CEO of Swiss space company ClearSpace. They are building a spacecraft that can remove debris – it looks really cool, sort of like a giant spider, check it out. They already have a big ESA contract for the first mission. Space debris is a problem to take seriously and Luc is one of the best ...

#47 Dr. Pete Worden

Oct 8 • 54:21

Dr. Pete Worden is a distinguished space scientist, who holds and has held many prominent roles in the space ecosystem, including: Chairman of the Breakthrough Prize Foundation, a former Director of NASA Ames, a former USAF General, advisor to the Luxembourg Government on space resources and a trustee of the International Space University. Much of our conversation revolves...

#46 Delian Asparouhov, Founders Fund & Varda

Sep 17 • 53:46

This week I sat down with Delian Asparouhov, a principal at famed VC Founders Fund and also co-founder and President of Varda, a space startup focused on in-space manufacturing....

#45 - Galactic Chloe

Sep 10 • 39:22

Chloé Carriere is a fellow space communicator who is, among other things, the host of the Galactic Chloé show on YouTube. We talk about all things space communications. ...

#44 Tim Chrisman, Foundation for the Future: building the space economy

Aug 20 • 43:46

Tim Chrisman is the Executive Director of the Foundation for the Future, a non-profit organization dedicated to help building the space economy. Their objectives include helping to ensure there is sufficient financing and qualified workforce around for us to do that.


#43 Starship

Aug 13 • 22:13

Raphael talks Starship in this episode...

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