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This is The Quint's podcast, Southern Slurp. I am your host Vikram, a lover of food, stories and conversations, in that order. Southern Slurp is a podcast that features recipes, ingredients, stories, voices and culinary history aimed at giving you a transcendent gastronomic experience! I'llRead more

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16: Soft Inside, Crunchy Outside: How Crispy Vadai Became A Much-Loved Snack

Apr 4 • 13:46

15: Dosa - The Truly Global Tamil Recipe That's Older Than The Idli

Mar 21 • 13:39
Welcome to a crispy, fragrant and flavourful episode of Southern Slurp. One that's properly Tamil - and I'm talking Sangam era, 2,000 year old recipe - but is also definitely global. 
What goes around comes around. 
But with the Dosa, the batter goes round and round the hot plate, and no matter who you are, you'll definitely come around to its taste, texture and the almost r...

14: Avakaya! The Mango Pickle of the Telugus that Sailed the Armadas!

Mar 7 • 13:39
Welcome to the spiciest episode of Southern Slurp thus far! 

Do you know how old the recipe for Avakaya, the mango pickle of the Telugus is? 

No one does. BUT, what we do know, is that the Arabs from before the advent of Islam, traded spices and pickles with the Andhras. The Dutch and the Portugese, in the fifteenth century, in fact, encouraged the Telugu people to prepare t...

13: Do You Like Your Mysore Pak Soft and Velvety or Hard and Crumbly?

Feb 24 • 14:19
The war zones are laid out, and the camps are split into the Crumbly Hard side to the right, and the soft melt-in-the-mouth side to the left. Welcome, to the great MYSORE PAK Dessert Battle!

This is Vikram, and you're listening to Southern Slurp. Herein shall you find recipes, histories and mysteries from the many kitchens of South India. We have a large, wonderful tasting ...

12: Uppu Mutton Kari to Crab Rasam: The History of Tamil Nadu's Chettinad Cuisine

Feb 8 • 15:19
Chettinad cuisine can't be reduced to a one liner. It's got recipes that would sit well in a desert in Rajasthan. But also, some of the finest versions of fish gravies and prawn curries. You could dedicate a complete section to its offal menu, like brain masala and stomach sambols. Or drool over the legendary pepper chicken and prawn gravy. Yet, an elaborate vegetarian fea...

11: Happy Pongal! Here's How Tamil Nadu Whipped Magic With the Dal-Rice Combo

Jan 14 • 11:43
Pongal is a festival. And it's also Tamil Nadu's original, authentic, ancient recipe. In fact, for millions of Tamilians across the globe today, Pongal - the dish - is a daily driver. It's what oils the wheels of Kollywood, the Tamil film industry! 

I bring you sweet and savory variants from rural and urban Tamil Nadu, stories about 'shooting Pongal' and the hilarious myth ...

10: Puliogare - The Story of Tamarind Rice is About Alchemy and Emotion!

Jan 3 • 13:48
This is a story about Puliogare. Tamarind rice. And alchemy. And a culinary war that continues till today. 

Kannadigas call it PuLiogare. The Telugus call it PuLihOrA. In Tamil land, it's called PuLiodharai. And the Maharashtrians have historically called it Ambil Bhath! This version of mixed rice has been around since at least before the 3rd century BC. And we're pretty su...

9: How Papad is Not the Same as Appalam is Not the Same as Pappadum!

Dec 7 • 17:33

8: Hyderabadi Biryani is the Best South Indian Biryani - Or Is It?

Nov 25 • 14:50
Ask any Hyderabadi, and he will tell you that his Biryani is BAE. Ask a layman on the streets of Chennai, and he'll swear by Dindugul Biryani, or say Ambur Biryani is the original Biryani. Travel to Kerala, and the 'chetta' will offer you the ancient 'Kuzhi Mandhi' on a plate and tell you this alone is the one true Biryani! 

So here's everything you need to know about the B...

7: Taste the Bonda: South India's Original Golden Globes!

Nov 9 • 14:21
The 'Bonda' is a round, savory fried snack that's been a part of South Indian kitchens for centuries. Perfected and patronised by the kings of Karnataka, influenced by the Mughals, and praised the world over; the Bondas are crunch on the outside, and unbelievably fluffy on the inside. 

Welcome to a spicy, crunchy episode of Southern Slurp. I'm going to bring you as close as...

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