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There is a whole world of opportunity in marketing that has not yet been fully realized; sound. I break it down and show how sound design and a sonic identity is accessible for companies and brands that are both big and small.

Popular episodes

Episode 79- What Is Voice Design (Part Two)

Jul 20 • 16:24

What Is Voice Design (Part Two) with Shyamala Prayaga of the Digital Assistant Academy. We talked about the definition of conversational design, dialects and pronunciations, and how designing voice “takes a village”. ...

Episode 78- What Is Voice Design (Part One)

Jul 13 • 16:23

What Is Voice Design (Part One) with Shyamala Prayaga of the Digital Assistant Academy. We talked about creating natural conversation, how a good interface isn’t noticed, connection and experience, and too many options in voice assistance must be carefully assessed....

Episode 77- What Is Social Audio (Part Two)

Jul 6 • 18:42

What Is Social Audio (Part Two) with Ahmed Bouzid of Witlingo. We talked about how audio has taken charge in social media, the functionality and efficiency of sound in general, and the advantages and options of a voice conversation in a post COVID society, new Witlingo announcements and Lingofest 2021....

Episode 76- What Is Social Audio (Part One)

Jun 29 • 19:56

What Is Social Audio (Part One) with Ahmed Bouzid of Witlingo. We talked about what we see social audio as now and where we see it going, the difference between audio only as opposed to multi modal, the future of audio, and using our imaginations while keeping the importance of a familiarity factor in mind. ...

Episode 72- Open Voice Network (Part Two)

Mar 23 • 18:41

This episode picks up in part two of my conversation with Jon Stine of the Open Voice Network.  We talked about developing neutral guidelines and structures and ethics need to be put in place for the voice first industry at large.  This will help companies and consumers find voice more “user friendly”.  It will increase usage and traffic which is good for the industry as a...

Episode 71- Open Voice Network (Part One)

Mar 16 • 19:38

Today’s episode is about the Open Voice Network with Jon Stine.  We discussed questions like how do you create efficiencies in voice with the users’ perspective in mind. Voice should be an efficiency tool to accelerate business results. “Can we make voice worthy of a users’ trust?”...

Episode 70- Creating Sonic Branding with Audiobrain (Part Two)

Mar 9 • 21:24

We conclude our conversation with Audrey Arbeeny, Founder, CEO, and Executive Producer at Audiobrain, a sonic branding agency based in New York. We talk about how sonic branding is a foundation for brand equity, how brands and other clients are treating sonic branding in their branding strategy, the crucial issue of good sound vs. bad sound, and exciting things that are br...

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