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Join SonicScoop's Justin Colletti and guests to explore best practices for running a creative business in audio, music and other creative fields. From tips and tutorials on music production and audio engineering, to business masterclasses, interviews with heavy hitting producers, engineers,Read more

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Bad Arguments for Super High Resolution Audio, Rebutted!

Dec 4 • 45:51

Hi Res Audio isn't all it's cracked up to be. That's what all the blind listening tests seem to indicate anyway. But when Justin Colletti says this, he gets pushback from some people. What are their arguments and what does he have to say about them? In this episode Justin talks about super high resolution audio, like 24/192k, 24/96, and consumer formats including 320kbps...

Mix Bus Processing: How to Compress, EQ, Limit and More (...Without Destroying Your Mix)

Nov 29 • 30:16

Should you compress, EQ or limit your mix bus? And if so, HOW? Here are the Pros and Cons of mix bus processing from Justin Colletti....

Making Money in Music with Brands (ft. Tommy Zee)

Nov 27 • 01:12:40

Want a clear path to making money with your music? Today’s guest, Tommy Zee, offers one proven way to earn a real living in music production: Making music for brands....

Gain Staging Demystified (...How To Set Ideal Levels for Recording and Mixing)

Nov 15 • 23:36

There's plenty of advice out there on gain staging. But what IS gain staging, and why should you care? Justin Colletti goes deep on the fundamentals of gain staging to help you improve your workflow—and your sounds—in the studio. ►See free audio tutorial videos with Justin here: ►Get Mixing Break...

How Much Does Gear Matter in the Studio?

Nov 2 • 27:39

Studio gear is important. Without it you can't make music. But how important, exactly, is the quality of that gear? What really makes a difference and what's snake oil? Justin Colletti shares some stories to help make sense of how much our gear really matters... and sometimes doesn't. ►Get Mixing Breakthroughs here: ►Get Mastering Demyst...

Releasing Good Music Isn't Enough (To Get You Noticed)

Oct 26 • 21:46

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could release your music out into the world and have it find its audience instantly? Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. Making music—even really, really good music—simply sin't enough to have potential listeners and fans find you. What ELSE are you offering them, asks Justin Colletti in this week's podcast episode. For more on this s...

How To Master Albums (...Full of Very Different Sounding Tracks)

Oct 21 • 19:32

During mastering, you sometimes have to fit very different sounding productions onto the same record. Some songs might have been recorded with a full rock band, some might have a more EDM or electronic treatment, while others might be acoustic or have a hip hop feel....

Two Secrets for HUGE Sounding Mixes

Oct 11 • 18:59

Want your mixes to sound HUGE? Or, want a specific instrument to sound huge? Whether you want huge drums, vocals, guitar, or anything else, there are some core principles and secret techniques that will get you there. ...

The Most Important Frequency Ranges for EQing Kick and Bass

Oct 2 • 24:24

Kick drum and bass are two of the most important elements in any mix. If they don't sit right, the whole mix doesn't sit right. So what can you do to ensure they have maximum impact when mixing or producing? Justin Colletti shares the most important frequency ranges to know for EQing kick and bass, and for getting the to sit right in the mix. ►See free audio tutorial vid...

Better Editing Can Improve Your Mixes More Than Compression or EQ

Sep 25 • 27:30

Good mixing is important. Sure. We all know that. But so many new mixers try to fix issues that would be much better solved by spending a little more time and attention in editing your tracks. Here's what to listen for. ►Get the free mastering workshop: ►Get the free mixing workshop: ►Win free stuff ...

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