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Something Private is a podcast about everything related to the vagina. From sex, to health, and the society. Hosted by Nicole, we’re gonna have three am sleepover conversations about love, life, and why you have that wart on your vagina. Featuring stories from gynaecologists, experts, and yourRead more

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Social Media Burnout is Real, We Know You Feel It

Dec 1 • 38:24

WE KNOW YOU... endlessly scrolling TikTok before bed every night! Social media is a form of entertainment, escapism, and relaxation for many of us, but we all know consuming too much of it is bad. Depression, anxiety, self-absorption, not to mention feeling overwhelmed from the sheer amount of content, are effects that many of us are learning to grapple with. ...

Is it a Toxic Relationship, or Have You Been Groomed Online?

Nov 26 • 40:33

It usually starts off with a simple "Hello, you're cute", but can quickly escalate to a sexually explicit message. In a generation of tech-savvy individuals, it's hard to imagine that any of us will fall victim to online grooming, and yet two out of three secondary school students in Singapore received unwanted sexual content online, according to Microsoft's Digital Civili...

Harassed and Bullied Online, These Influencers Struck Back

Nov 17 • 39:23

CONTENT WARNING: Death threats...

Voyage to the Vulva-Verse V: How to Love and Respect Your Body

Oct 27 • 33:43

Body positivity started out as a global movement against the oppressive societal standard that small and skinny equals beautiful. These days, brands and influencers alike claim it as a means to market their clothes to women of all sizes, but Beckie Liu from Haikini wants to challenge that. To her, changing your mindset from thinking about what your body looks like, to what...

Voyage to the Vulva-Verse IV: How to Empower Women to Take Charge of their Sexual Health

Sep 29 • 34:30

A trip to the doctor's to get birth control can be an embarrassing and time-consuming activity for some of us, so the team at Ease Healthcare came up with a solution. Discreet, affordable, and convenient access to birth control, from the comfort of your home and delivered under 4 hours? GOOD THINGS CAN HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE! We chat with Guada from Ease, about birth contro...

Voyage to the Vulva-Verse III: How Unrealistic Beauty Standards Harm Us

Aug 25 • 37:01

It’s 2021… I don’t know about you, but we’re rejecting outdated notions of beauty society has imposed on us! We take what makes us feel good on the inside, and leave behind what doesn’t! Take it from Kate Low, who grew up in the era of Victoria’s Secret Fashion Shows (push up bras, flat tummies, long slender legs). She’s since built a lingerie brand, Perk by Kate, which pu...

Voyage to the Vulva-verse II: How Social Media and Pornography Causes Genital Shame

Jul 28 • 31:30

We live in the age of social media, which means, it’s hard not to compare every aspect of our lives, our bodies, with others, including how our genitals look. Although many of us feel shame in talking about our genitals, when we’re asked to think about what a “normal” vulva looks like, we have an image in our minds: small, pink, hairless, tucked in... In reality, that coul...

Ep 063: A Conversation About Race with Singapore's youngest minority MP, Raeesah Khan

Jul 22 • 34:14

IT’S THE FINAL EPISODE OF OUR SEASON! And we have a special one, featuring Singapore’s youngest female minority MP, Raeesah Khan. It’s been a year since one of Singapore’s most iconic general elections, and incidentally also a year since Raeesah was investigated for alleged online comments about race. We speak with her about her journey in politics one year on, her thought...

Ep 062: On Adulting, Love and Health with Narelle Kheng

Jul 8 • 31:39

Narelle Kheng needs no introduction. She’s one of the most iconic millennials of Southeast Asia, having made it to the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia List in 2019. But beyond her luxurious music career and glamorous persona, Narelle is just like any one of us. The outspoken advocate for mental health struggles with everyday adulting problems, like managing relationships, feeling ...

Voyage to the Vulva-verse I: How Your Vulva Grows With You

Jun 30 • 42:00

It’s curious to note the amount of resources we spend on skin care, but only for the skin on our face. Much like our face, our vulvas go through A LOT of change in our lifetime, but are often neglected; some of us even go through our lives never knowing what things look like down there! But why is it important to care about these changes, if well, nobody’s going to see the...

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