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Episode 42: Aaron Weaver (Wolves In The Throne Room)

Nov 25 • 01:10:31

On this episode, number 42, myself and Aaron Weaver discuss his band Wolves In The Throne Room's latest album 'Primordial Arcana' along with the spiritual mindset he, his brother Nathan and guitarist Kody Keyworth apply to making their art. Since the bands first release in 2006 (Diadem Of 12 Stars) WITTR have made incredibly atmospheric and magickal black metal in the Casc...

Episode 41: Chelsea Wolfe

Nov 15 • 47:10

On this episode, which take two of a conversation with singer, songwriter, musician Chelsea Wolfe, we discuss her music and the creative process and how that changes due to environment etc. We talk about the collaboration with Converge on the Blood Moon project, her band with Jess Gowrie called Mrs Piss and about her albums as Chelsea Wolfe. Its a rad episode and Chelsea i...

Episode 40: Wade MacNeil (Alexisonfire / Gallows / Black Lungs / Dooms Children)

Jul 21 • 01:22:26

My guest on this episode is Wade MacNeil wonderful human and musician known for his work not only in the bands Alexisonfire, Gallows, Black Lungs and his new endeavour Dooms Children, but also for his score work for various films and video games. We caught up recently to discuss the formation, dissolution and subsequent re-convening of Alexisonfire, a band that rose from C...

Episode 39: Davey Havok (AFI / Blaqk Audio / XTRMST / Dreamcar)

Jun 29 • 01:05:31


EPISODE 38: Joe Duplantier (Gojira / Producer)

Apr 29 • 59:56

Episode 38 is with Gojira frontman, guitarist and producer Joe Duplantier....

Episode 37: Craig Reynolds (Stray From The Path / The Downbeat Podcast / Grustler)

Mar 2 • 01:28:28

My guest on this one is Craig Reynolds, drummer with the politically incendiary metal band Stray From The Path and host of the fantastic podcast The Downbeat....

Episode 36: Einar Selvik (Wardruna / Skuggsjá)

Dec 29 • 59:33

In this episode Daniel P Carter speaks with musician Einar Selvik of the band Wardruna. As well as discussing the fantastic new album 'Kvitravn' (due out Jan. 22nd 2021) the creative process and his use of instrumentation, they also discuss the animist concepts that permeate and enliven all art that Einar makes....

Episode 35: Ghostemane

Nov 25 • 01:16:38

In this episode, Daniel P Carter speaks with multi disciplinary artist and musician Ghostemane about his newest album 'ANTI-ICON'. Aside from discussing the album, they discuss the importance of finding identity at an early age through music, his creative process and some straight up mystical chit chat. Oh, and both sing the praises of Nu Metal....

Episode 34: Tom DeLonge (Angels & Airwaves / To The Stars Academy Of Arts & Science)

Jul 20 • 56:20

On this episode I speak with Tom Delonge, frontman of Angels & Airwaves, founder of To The Stars Academy Of Arts & Science and former guitarist and singer of Blink 182. We discuss the new AVA single 'All Thats Left Is Love' and the making of the bands forthcoming album during the pandemic. We also discuss the work TTSA is doing with regard tobringing forward information an...

Episode 33: Grant Morrison

Feb 25 • 01:09:08

To mark the auspicious number 33, its very fitting that the guest on this episode is Grant Morrison MBE....

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