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Software at Scale is where we discuss the technical stories behind large software applications.

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Software at Scale 38 - Hasura with Tanmai Gopal

Dec 2 • 01:09:09
Tanmai Gopal is the founder of Hasura, an API as a service platform. Hasura lets you skip writing API layers and exposes automatic GraphQL APIs that talk to your database, trigger external actions, and much more.

We talk about the implementation of a “compiler as a service”, the implications of primarily having a Haskell production codebase, their experience with GraphQL, h...

Software at Scale 37 - Building Zerodha with Kailash Nadh

Nov 16 • 48:59
Kailash Nadh is the CTO of Zerodha, India’s largest retail stockbroker. Zerodha powers a large volume of stock trades - ~15-20% of India’s daily volume which is significantly more daily transactions than Robinhood.

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The focus of this episode is the technology and mindset behind Zerodha - the key technology choices, challenges faced, ...

Software at Scale 36 - Decomposing Monoliths with Ganesh Datta

Nov 2 • 43:28
Ganesh Datta is the CTO and co-founder of Cortex, a microservice management platform.

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We continue the age-old monolith/microservice debate and dig into why companies seem to like services so much (I’m generally cautious about such migrations). Ganesh has a ton of insights into developer productivity and tooling to make engineering t...

Software at Scale 35 - Maintaining Git with Johannes Schindelin

Oct 20 • 55:40
Johannes Schindelin is the maintainer (BDFL) of Git for Windows.

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Git is a fundamental piece of the software community, and we get to learn the history and inner workings of the project in this episode. Maintaining a widely-used open source project involves a ton of expected complexity around handling bug reports, deprecations, and i...

Software at Scale 34 - Faster Python with Guido van Rossum

Oct 5 • 31:11
Guido van Rossum is the creator of the Python programming language and a Distinguished Engineer at Microsoft.

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We discuss Guido’s new work on making CPython faster (PEP 659), Tiers of Python Interpreter Execution, and high impact, low hanging fruit performance improvements.


(an edited summary)

[00:21] What got you interested...

Software at Scale 33 - Drone Engineering with Abhay Venkatesh

Sep 28 • 41:06
Abhay Venkatesh is a Software Engineer at Anduril Industries where he focuses on infrastructure and platform engineering.

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We focus this episode on drone engineering - exploring the theme of “If I wanted to start my own technology project/company that manages drones, what technology bits would I need to know?” We discuss the commodi...

Software at Scale 32 - Derrick Stolee: Principal Software Engineer, GitHub

Sep 15 • 01:06:41
Derrick Stolee is a Principal Software Engineer at GitHub, where he focuses on the client experience of large Git repositories.

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Subscribers might be aware that I’ve done some work on client-side Git in the past, so I was pretty excited for this episode. We discuss the Microsoft Windows and Office repository’s migrations to Git, rece...

Software at Scale 31 - Maju Kuruvilla: CTO/COO, Bolt

Sep 2 • 58:10
Maju Kuruvilla is the CTO and COO of Bolt, a startup that offers quick online checkout technology to retailers. Previously, he was VP and GM at Amazon Global Mile, in charge of Amazon’s global logistics and Amazon Prime fulfillment operations amongst other things.

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00:30 - What does a VP at Amazon even do? The day-to-day ex...

Software at Scale 30 - Bharat Mediratta: Coinbase Fellow

Aug 18 • 53:01

Software at Scale 29 - Sugu Sougoumarane: CTO, PlanetScale

Aug 4 • 01:13:25

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