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Socialette: Bite-Sized Online Marketing Podcast


A bite-sized online marketing podcast for business owners. Join Steph Taylor as she answers ALL your business marketing questions and deep-dives into the nitty gritty of online marketing, content marketing, social media marketing and marketing strategy for business owners. Free online marketingRead more

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Launch BTS | 3 things I did differently this launch

Nov 28 • 06:55

Every launch, I like to change things up a little. I like to tweak and test new things to see if I can improve a little each time. This episode, I'm sharing 3 things that I changed in my most recent Launch Magic launch....

Launching BTS | How I get my energy back after a launch

Nov 25 • 06:07

Launching can be exhausting—especially if you are an introvert. This episode, I'm sharing how I'm getting my energy back after closing doors on my most recent launch. If you've launched recently or you're planning on launching a digital product soon, this episode is for you. ...

Launch Magic | 5 students on their experience launching with Launch Magic

Nov 16 • 18:49

Rather than tell you about how wonderful Launch Magic is, I thought I'd let you hear all about the course from the students who experienced it. Thank you to the following Launch Magic students for sharing their experiences for this episode:...

Launch Magic | Dasha Barsukova on the lessons she learned from launching her program

Nov 14 • 44:57

Today, I’m chatting with one of my fabulous Launch Magic students, Dasha Barsukova. We’re diving deep into launch lessons, mindset, self-love, self-sabotage and celebrating ALL of our launches--even the ones that don’t go to plan. ...

Launching | Why you need a launch strategy

Nov 11 • 08:04

There's an art and a science to launching—it's not just about teaching a webinar or sending the right amount of emails to your list. This episode, I'm sharing exactly why you need a launch strategy. Grab my 5 Simple Tweaks to Boost Your Launch Profits at

Launching | Why launching before you create your product can be magic

Nov 9 • 06:53

Launching a product before you've created it can feel terrifying. But, it's also a huge part of how I've grown my business. This episode, I'm sharing why it's something you should consider too. Register for my free masterclass: Recipe for a Profitable Launch at

Launching | Can I just pay someone to do my launch for me?

Nov 7 • 05:29

It's tempting to outsource your entire launch and have nothing to do with it. This episode, I'm sharing why that might not be the best decision for your business. Grab my 5 Simple Tweaks to Boost Your Launch Profits at

Launching | Your failed launch probably wasn't a failure. This is why...

Nov 4 • 06:57

"My launch only got 5 students" —this is something I hear quite a lot. Here's the thing: Your tiny launch might actually be WAY more successful than you think. This episode, I'm sharing why....

Launching | How you're leaving money on the table by only launching once

Nov 2 • 06:33

If you're only launching each product once, you're creating more work for yourself AND you're leaving money on the table. Grab my 5 Simple Tweaks to Boost Your Launch Profits at

Launching | The problem with done-for-you launch plans

Oct 31 • 07:38

I've seen a lot of $27 copy + paste launch plans on Instagram lately, which is awesome because it's encouraging more people to launch... But, there's also a little problem with these plans. This episode, I'm sharing what you need to be aware of if you're considering investing in one of these. Grab my 5 Simple Tweaks to Boost Your Launch Profits at

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