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The Social Media Lab is powered by Agorapulse. Scott Ayres, the Content Scientist, busts the myths, rumors and stories of social media marketing with SCIENCE!

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335 Answers To Over 20 Instagram Marketing Questions

Sep 17 • 11:04

Social Media Lab Instagram Marketing Survey 2021...

The Social Media Lab Live 100th Episode!

Jul 26 • 44:06
The Social Media Lab Live 100th Episode! Join us as we reflect on the past 100 episodes, talk about ups and downs, changes to the show and maybe even have some trivia, giveaways and old friends on the show! What is the Social Media Lab LIVE? Social Media Lab LIVE is hosted by me, Scott Ayres, the Content Scientist at the Social Media Lab. It’s a weekly show where I talk ab...

Should Your Facebook Live Stream Begin with a Countdown Timer?

Jul 5 • 14:35

Should You Go Live on Amazon Live?

May 17 • 16:50

Twitter Marketing Survey Results

Apr 15 • 15:46
Social Media Lab Twitter Marketing Survey The results of the “Social Media Lab 2020 Twitter Marketing Survey” are in, and here are some of the highlights: 19% don’t tweet links 44% tweet at least 1 video per month 79% spend more than 1 hour per day on Twitter Each quarter, the Social Media Lab will publish results from social media network-specific surveys conducted duri...

Social Media Lab Update Q1 Update

Mar 30 • 11:26

Instagram Stories Ads or Feed Ads: Which is Better?

Feb 2 • 13:14
In the past three years, Instagram has undergone many changes, adding features such as Reels and IGTV. Plus, Stories are even more popular today than three years ago. So, we felt it was time to test again to see if anything has changed on Instagram ads. We formed a hypothesis based on our previous study. Hypothesis: Instagram Story ads produce more clicks and a lower CPC t...

Does Using the Word "FREE" Hurt Twitter Ads Traffic?

Jan 7 • 08:56

2021 Social Media Marketing Predictions! Part 5 with Jennifer Watson

Dec 25 • 09:47

Are Facebook Groups REALLY Important? Part 4 with Jennifer Watson

Dec 24 • 14:04

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