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Social Distance

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Journalists from The Atlantic document the first 15 months of the COVID-19 pandemic through regular phone calls. Listen in as Dr. Jim Hamblin, producer Katherine Wells, and comedian/writer Maeve Higgins ask journalists, experts, and friends about the news and science behind the pandemic, get someRead more

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Presenting: The Review, a new podcast from The Atlantic

Oct 22 • 02:08

How To Build A Happy Life: A new podcast from The Atlantic

Oct 13 • 02:26

Hello Social Distance listeners! We'd like to introduce you to a new show....

Is It Over?

Jun 10 • 30:41

Though the pandemic continues around the world, the end appears in sight in the United States. At the same time, this episode will mark the last one for Social Distance....

Breakthrough Infections and Lonely Puppies

Jun 3 • 38:46

While case counts in the U.S. continue to drop, there are still headlines about variants and "breakthrough" infections that might worry you. Fortunately, The Atlantic staff writer Katherine Wu explains to James Hamblin and Maeve Higgins why these shouldn't alarm us just yet. And staff writer Sarah Zhang drops in to help figure out how to keep pandemic puppies from being to...

It's Time to Tango

May 26 • 34:00

Now that Jim's "Quite Possibly Wonderful Summer" is coming to fruition, a lot of listeners have been considering the present and future. Can you go to a tango festival? What should parents be watching for? And why, exactly, is the Surgeon General wearing that uniform? Hit play for answers and a short history lesson from historian and listener Ruth Fairbanks....

Dealing With Post-Pandemic Trauma

May 20 • 40:46

We've all been suffering during the COVID-19 pandemic in one way or another, and as the U.S. starts to emerge, we'll need to reckon with that. The Atlantic's Ed Yong discusses his piece on pandemic trauma, how to think about it, and what he's learned in talking to psychiatrists and other experts....

Share the Vaccine 'Recipe'

May 12 • 34:42

When the Biden administration announced support for waiving COVID vaccine patents last week, it was met with praise, relief, skepticism, and alarm among different groups—but surprise all around. Pharmaceutical giants have long fought efforts to have their intellectual property released to meet international needs. And they’ve backed it up with immense political muscle. Cou...

Long COVID Questions Answered

May 5 • 44:14

Writer F.T. Kola returns to recount her experience with long COVID. What explains its strange constellation of symptoms? Will it ever go away? And why does vaccination seem to help?...

The Consequences of Vaccine Nationalism

Apr 28 • 35:11

While wealthier countries reopen, India and the rest of the world face a terrifying new peak in the pandemic. How did it come to this? What can be done? And with new variants and limited supplies, how does the global vaccine strategy need to change to prevent more coronavirus spikes?...

When Can I Take Off My Mask?

Apr 21 • 36:50

The pandemic has led to “hygiene theater,” which gives a false sense of security. As vaccination continues, people should feel able to abandon many precautions—while continuing to focus on what really matters. How do we thread the needle between being too cautious and too cavalier? Staff writer Derek Thompson joins to help us understand public messaging. ...

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