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Fancy a mini-version of Slush once a week from the comfort of your sofa or the significantly less comfortable treadmill? The Soaked by Slush podcast will bring you stories and hands-on advice from the most interesting entrepreneurs, the greatest investors and the serious up and comers of theRead more

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#33 Scott Sandell | How to last for 100 years in venture capital

Nov 25 • 37:41

In this episode, we had the pleasure of talking to one of the absolute veterans of venture capital, the Managing General Partner of NEA, Scott Sandell. NEA has been around since the 1970’s, making it one of the oldest VC firms in history. That coupled with Scott’s personal track record and experience makes for a heap of knowledge and insights about investing, venture capit...

#32 Nicola McClafferty & James Clark | All about rebranding: why should you do it?

Nov 18 • 46:32

How does one rebrand? Should you even rebrand? We were joined by Nicola McClafferty and James Clark, from the establishment formerly known as Draper Esprit. That’s right, Draper Esprit did what many people often advise against and rebranded themselves, to Molten Ventures. In fact, it’s probably not great that I’ve written Draper Esprit more times than Molten Ventures. In t...

#31 David Nothacker | Growth through acquisition

Nov 11 • 38:42

I don’t know about you, but there’s something special and even beautiful about trucking. About the seemingly simpler life on the highway, accompanied by demanding distances and fleeting views. It doesn’t immediately conjure up images of digital platforms and software, but that doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t be a good idea....

#30 Nahoko Hosino & Anthony Doeh | SoftBank is doubling down on Europe – why now?

Nov 4 • 37:45

When Softbank unveiled its first 100 billion dollar Vision Fund in 2017, the world had never seen investment funds of such magnitude. Two years later in 2019, Vision Fund 2 was announced, and in 2021, their combined fair value was estimated to be 154 billion dollars. In this episode, we talked to two representatives from SoftBank, Anthony Doeh and Nahoko Hoshino, about wha...

#29 Edgeir Vårdal Aksnes | Less is more: The power of simple value propositions

Oct 28 • 38:34

Our guest this week, Edgeir Vårdal Aksnes, is reinventing how people buy electricity. I don’t know about you, but I don’t always even remember that I’ve bought electricity, I just know that I pay a bill. To Edgeir and his co-founder Daniel, this sounded like a transaction that was ready to be improved, to fit both the problems and opportunities that our ever-weird modern a...

#28 Philippe Botteri | What’s happening in European SaaS?

Oct 21 • 38:16

In some previous episodes we have discussed the state of the European ecosystem and its future trajectory, everywhere from the projections of investors to what’s happening on the aisles of accelerators. In this episode, Philippe Botteri from Accel joins Isak and William to discuss the Accel 2021 Euroscape report, which outlines pretty much all you need to know about the st...

#27 Emily Orton | From founding days to IPO

Oct 14 • 40:27

No trace of darkness in this episode, where we talked to Emily Orton, Co-founder & CMO at the cybersecurity success-story Darktrace. Emily has been on board from the beginning, and shared some of her main learnings from the founding days to their recent IPO. In this fast-paced discussion, Emily and William discuss Darktrace’s early days in terms of customer acquisition and...

#26 Roxanne Varza | Can you teach entrepreneurship?

Oct 7 • 35:38

Roxanne Varza not only has one of the most cinematic names of anyone we’ve talked to, but it also carries a boatload of weight in the European startup ecosystem. She is the Director of Station F, the biggest startup campus in the world, located in Paris (France, not Texas). Roxanne has played a central role in building one of the most vibrant startup communities ever, help...

#25 Lotta Kopra | Combining science and business: Commercializing deeptech

Sep 30 • 40:07

In this episode we are taking a trip back home to Finland, with our guest Lotta Kopra, the Chief Commercial Officer of Spinnova. Spinnova has developed a technology with which raw wood pulp that has been separated into microfibrillated cellulose (MFC) can be used to make a recyclable textile fibre without any dissolving or harmful chemicals. Did you have to read that slowe...

#24 Nicole Quinn | Why VCs should do field research on consumers

Sep 22 • 39:10

In this episode of the Soaked by Slush podcast, we had the opportunity to host Nicole Quinn, Partner at Lightspeed Ventures. As an investor, Nicole is a master at working with founders, brands, and end-customers. Her impressive background in both investing and entrepreneurship has garnered her a wealth of experience and knowledge – especially when it comes to consumer bran...

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