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Snap Judgment (Storytelling, with a BEAT) mixes real stories with killer beats to produce cinematic, dramatic, kick-ass radio. Snap’s raw, musical brand of storytelling dares listeners to see the world through the eyes of another.

Popular episodes

In Search of a Black Utopia from VICE News Reports

Nov 25 • 49:30

This past year Adizah Eghan noticed an interesting trend on social media: everyone seemed to be living it up in Tulum, Mexico. Some were flocking there to have a good time, while others were seeking something much deeper: they wanted to escape racism and seek refuge with like-minded people. Adizah traveled to Mexico to experience the vibes of Tulum for herself -- and also ...

The 2021 Gratitude Special

Nov 18 • 50:12

We’re reflecting back on stories that give thanks for a monster-fighting grandfather, growing up with same-sex parents, and stuffing your face with Girl Scout Cookies…  LIVE. Even in another tough year, we’ve got a lot to be grateful for....

Con Man Daddy

Nov 12 • 28:38

Double Trouble

Nov 4 • 41:19

A rock climber in Yosemite hits the jackpot and Moss Hills saves the day with his music on a sea cruise. Two stories… double the trouble....

The Torment - Spooked

Oct 28 • 49:44

When a man starts having night terrors his family thinks it’s just nightmares. Only it’s not just bad dreams — there is an actual demon plaguing him. And two family members know their house is haunted but they don’t want to share that secret… even with each other....

The Final Reckoning - Spooked

Oct 21 • 47:00

Jen starts an internship at a museum. But this isn’t a typical museum... it’s built inside two old, historic mansions. By this time, the original owners of these two old homes are long gone--or are they? And a night nurse dedicated to his job loves to help people. But when spirits of former patients reach out to him, he’s not sure if he can care for them....

The King's Ransom

Oct 14 • 49:31

Amateur treasure hunters race to uncover $100,000 in gold and silver after a man buries his entire jewelry store around the state of Michigan. Hunters are given clues and left to explore the woods....

The Fall Guy - Snap Classic

Oct 7 • 50:30

An Afghan man is asked the unexpected by one of the most notorious Talibs in his neighborhood. A boy is picked on at school but it isn’t the other kids he has to worry about. Glynn flies too close to the sun. And not even death can keep true friends apart....

“August 21, 1971” from Ear Hustle

Sep 30 • 55:20

August 21, 1971, was the deadliest day in San Quentin history, and it’s still a painful topic, both inside the prison and out. At the center of the story was a Black revolutionary named George Jackson. Who was he, and what makes him so controversial, even today?...

Backstage II

Sep 23 • 48:26

You know we had to go for Round 2! We’ve brought your favorite Snap storytellers from around the world Backstage again, sharing the real stories that bubble up when the stage lights go down....

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