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Digestible financial news. Get smarter fast with an entertaining breakdown of our top 3 business stories in 15 minutes. Pairs perfectly with your commute, workout, or morning oatmeal ritual. Hosted by Jack Kramer and Nick Martell.

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🐄 “Wow wow no cow” — Oatly’s $10B IPO. Ralph Lauren’s

May 21 • 16:55

Oat milk pioneer Oatly popped 19% on its 1st day of trading, but it said something we’ve never heard in an IPO. Ralph Lauren is 81, but his company is connecting with Zillennials on Snapchat. And JPMorgan is making a big bank move that’s unprecedented: Giving credit cards even if you got no credit score....

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“Skip medical school. Spend $1B instead” — Walgreens launches 700 doctor’s offices. Rocket Mortgage’s IPO. Kroger’s surprise meat strategy.

Jul 10 • 18:40

The lending artist formerly known as Quicken Loans has filed to IPO, calling themselves “Rocket Companies”. Walgreens is quitting medical school and pursuing a $1B investment in 700 doctor’s offices instead. And Kroger’s figured out a surprise strategy to boost sales of its own plant-based meat brand: Stick it next to real meat....

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“WeWork from the Dead” — WeWork’s profitability (?). Domino’s fortressing strategy. JetBlue & American Airlines colludiness.

Jul 20 • 18:20

Don’t even think about thinking WeWork is gone — the coworking pioneer claims it’ll be thrivingly “profitable” by this time next year. JetBlue and American Airlines have developed a special corona-relationship that basically feels like collusion. And Domino’s revealed its new chicken wings, cauliflower ambitions, and “fortressing” strategy....

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“The 2nd Kardash-icorn” — Under Armour’s mega-deal. Facebook is too-big-to-cancel. Coty’s Kardashian investment.

Jun 30 • 17:06

Coty Cosmetics shares popped on word it’s snagging 20% of Kim Kardashian’s beauty brand. Facebook is facing its second ever #DeleteFacebook moment, except this time it’s coming from its most important stakeholder: Advertisers. And Under Armour is trying to cancel the biggest college apparel deal in history. It’s a sign of how far UA has fallen....

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“E.T., 5G, phone hoooome” — Apple’s iPhone 12. NordicTrack’s future ab-cquisition. Delta’s Mighty Ducks drama.

Oct 14 • 20:21

Apple’s surprise product event may result in the biggest iPhone sales season ever thanks to 5G. We noticed that NordicTrack’s owner, Nautilus, and Hyperice just raised big money in a Peloton world — but we’re wondering what Big Tech company will acquire them. And a single line from Delta’s earnings report was enough to drop the stocks of entire industries....

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“Ford’s midwestern modesty... problem” — New York Times pivots. Oatly hits $2B. Ford resurrects Bronco.

Jul 15 • 17:32

After 24 years, Ford just brought back the Bronco — but Midwestern modesty can’t win in a Tesla hype world. The New York Times is replacing lost ad revenue with a new plan: Repackage its reporting into great TV and podcasts. And oat milk pioneer Oatly hits a $2B valuation thanks to a fundraise with big-time investors who fully mainstream-ify it....

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“It’s time for B-commerce (Booze commerce)” — Constellation buys Empathy Wine. Alibaba’s stores from the future. YouTube TV’s price jacking.

Jul 2 • 18:50

Last pod before the July 4th holiday (celebrated on July 3rd by Wall Street). Liquor legend Constellation just acquired Gary Vaynerchuk’s 1-year-old wine startup because it wants to go direct to consumer. Alibaba’s Freshippo stores make Amazon’s most innovative ecommerce look primitive. And YouTube TV just pulled a move straight outta the cable playbook: Jack up prices. We...

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👽 “UFB: Unidentified Flying Billionaires” — Space Inc.’s huge week. Subway’s shutdown. Square’s physical bitcoin.

Jul 12 • 19:25

Branson is beating Bezos to orbit because this is the biggest week for space since Buzz Aldrin. You’ll notice your local Subway sandwich spot is shut down today for its biggest makeover ever. And Square announced it’s building a physical Bitcoin hardware wallet (real thing) because all good crypto stories involve Liam Neeson....

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“Big Papi goes public” - Red Sox’s potential SPAC. Twilio’s gold shovel. Fashion’s QVC-ification.

Oct 13 • 20:01

The Red Sox might bouncing back from missing the playoffs by transforming into a publicly-traded stock. Twilio stock jumped 8% yesterday — you probably use it everyday but don’t know it. And fashion brands are pulling a QVC to fix the 2 biggest issues with online shopping....

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Beyonce signs with Adidas, Corona’s owner pops 7% for quitting wine, and why Tesla fell 9%

Apr 5 • 13:16

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