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Tynan Sinks and Sable Yong — friends, beauty editors, award-winning fragrance writers (some of us), and scent fiends — are giving the world the podcast no one asked for. Smell Ya Later explores every imaginable angle at which we interact with the aromas and odors in our lives, the scents that haveRead more

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Sup, King, You Smell Good

Dec 2 • 01:08:58

Pals in pod, Emilio Quezada & Evan Shinn, AKA  Dewy Dudes join us for our first roundtable on the eau dude scent, king behavior, and the collective trauma of Axe body spray. What are the dudes spraying these days? What's the difference between a hot-boi and a fuck-boi? What's a pick-me scent? What do they call Axe in England? All these questions and more are addressed in t...

Jackie Aina Is A FORVR Mood

Nov 23 • 01:27:43

Whoever said never meet your idols never told Tynan, who has manifested such a meeting with none other than mega influencer and scented candle queen, Jackie Aina. Excuse the jittery energy, as we get into it with our girl, who's had a prolific career, from dropping out of college, joining the army, dominating YouTube, interviewing the president of the United States (!!!) a...

Another Scent-sational Gift Guy: 2021 Edition

Nov 16 • 01:17:45

Supply chain who? We're coming at you with another holiday gift guide to charm and delight the olfactory receptors of  all those within your blessed spending radius. We're coming at you this extended cut episode with  a variety of home fragrance, fine fragrance, body products, scented activities, bougie smells, budget smells, a smelly fan, candles, fabric care — we have yo...

So You Want to Be a Perfumer...

Nov 9 • 01:16:13

What's it like to be a perfumer? Is it like going to Hogwarts School of Whiffcraft & Whiffery? In some ways, yes. And in some ways...not no. Luckily, we have perfumer Marissa Zappas on to tell us about her journey into the olfactory arts, what it's like going from the corporate world of fragrance to carving her own independent path in scent sorcery, and why it's better to ...

One Planet's Air Is Another Person's Perfume

Nov 2 • 01:03:11

Carbon emissions = bad. Perfume = good. This is the basic math behind Air Company's second product ever: AIR EAU DE PARFUM, a fragrance made from CO2 emissions. How do you make perfume from [gestures all around] the air?? We have Greg Constantine, co-founder of Air Company on the pod to tell us about his humble operation that literally turns carbon emissions into useful th...

(The Smell of) DEATH To Them All [Remix]

Oct 19 • 01:02:33

It's spooky season once again and we're bubbling up this very seasonal episode on THE SMELL OF DEATH from a year ago with neuroscientist and cadaver scholar, Mo Costandi. It's not just a copy/paste — that's not our style, no, what the hell. We, of course, include an all-new, updated, present-day, overwrought overture, as is our style indeed. Also, we have so many new smell...

We've Had Enough Of This Scent-less Violence

Oct 12 • 01:08:42

Added fragrance in beauty products gets a bad rep these days. But given the likelihood that most products "don't work" anyway, may we at least reap some sensorial joy out of greasing up our slowly deteriorating mortal vessels with our little creams and potions, please? If you can slather it, we've smelled it, and this episode contains our favorite non-fragrance fragranced ...

The Extreme Intense Pleasure Paradox

Oct 5 • 01:27:55

This episode has everything: ...

Reinventing The Wheel With Cloud

Sep 28 • 01:04:48

You asked, and we deliver. Not that wouldn't have thought to do so of our own accord, but it just so happens all our interests and obsessions align with the release of Ariana Grande Cloud 2.0 Intense —  the more dramatic newborn sibling to our beloved Cloud.  In this episode,  we review the new fragrance (obviously), we break down the nuanced differences between the Intens...

The First Maybe Annual Smell Ya Later Awards

Sep 14 • 01:32:27

It's been one whole American year for Smell Ya Later. 49 episodes later, we've decided to celebrate and commemorate ourselves  by foisting our opinions onto our listeners once more using the most official and indisputable format we know of: an awards show. We thoughtfully penned the categories and have selected the winners with the gravitas and focus of red-pill-blue-pill ...

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