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Let's face it, we all need to up our game from time to time and your coach this season is none other than Siddharth Deshmukh, also know as The Travelling Professor. Back with a fresh take on the good old brain fuel from Season 1, check out Smarter with Sid.This season we focus on snackable 10Read more

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When should you have an awareness building campaign?

Jan 18 • 10:52

What are the differences between an awareness building campaign and a brand building campaign? In this episode of Smarter With Sid, we explore about both of these types of campaigns and the pros and cons of each and also check out why and when they work....

What can we learn from a stand up comic?

Jan 13 • 12:14

Hmm... so what CAN we learn from stand up comedians? Ummm no, it’s not on how to keep it light and crack jokes. There's a lot more that goes into making a stand up comedy set and delivering it just right. Check out this episode of Smarter With Sid to know more....

How to get a dream start?

Jan 11 • 11:46

Imagine you've got a new job. And not just any job, but your dream job that checks off everything on your list! But now how do you get a dream start at your new job? In this episode of Smarter With Sid, your host Siddharth talks about how sussing out the business situation you are in will help you start your new job in the perfect manner and what you need to do for it....

Will Apple have a Black Swan moment soon?

Jan 6 • 12:50

This episode of Smarter with Sid explores how, why and when Blackberry failed, and potential dangers that Apple might face soon, especially with their smartphones. He also talks about how the entire smartphone industry faces the perils of Metaverse. Tune in to know more!...

Are checklists any good in a volatile world?

Jan 4 • 12:14

Happy new year everyone! In 2022's first episode of Smarter with Sid, your host Siddharth talks about how you can create an effective checklist that you could potentially stick with. Top management professionals swear by making checklists and often say that making checklists for their tasks also helps them manage their emotions throughout the day. Listen to this episode to...

Can we look at resolutions differently?

Dec 30 • 13:06

In today's episode of Smarter With Sid, your host Siddharth talks about how understanding the difference between objectives and outcomes can be liberating. He also talks about looking at resolutions differently and approach them in a new way....

Will the 20's roar again?

Dec 28 • 12:18

What is the Roaring 20's? Let's take a look at what happened a hundred years ago in the 1920's, where the situation was pretty similar to our 2020's, and see if we can learn and predict from this. What do you predict, will the 2120's see the same environment?...

Does a fact based approach work?

Dec 23 • 12:27

It's been 50 episodes of Smarter With Sid! Woot woot! In the 50th episode of Smarter With Sid, you'll get your 50th Smart Fact of the day with your host Siddharth and when we thought more about this, we decided to make this special episode celebrating facts and a factful-ness based approach. Listen to this episode and brace yourself for more such fun smart facts in the upc...

The Gorilla in the room

Dec 21 • 12:03

When we don't see something obvious because we're tricked into seeing things that others want us to see. In this episode, Siddharth will address the Gorilla in the room....

What is the Beginner's mind?

Dec 16 • 12:11

Have you heard the word 'Shoshin'? It is a word from Zen Buddhism meaning "beginner's mind." But the question is, how do we get this 'Shoshin' and use it for our benefit? In Sid's 200th episode as a podcaster, he will break down the concept of Beginner's Mind i.e., Shoshin, and explain how you can make the best out of it....

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