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Smart and Simple Matters: Creating Community, Simplicity, and Authenticity with You

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Joel Zaslofsky – your community-animating, convention-challenging show host – taps into all his powerful (and often quirky) strategies in a diverse mix of conversations and solo episodes. For example, you’ll get chats with TED Talk hotshots like Andy Puddicombe on meditation, experts like TshRead more

Popular episodes

Facilitation in Small Groups: How to Have More Influence and Action with Less Stress and Conflict – SASM 130

Apr 17 • 55:10

This special solo episode features how to kick start any conversation, keep it humming, and leave people buzzing. Plus, how to have influence without the need for power or control and the key qualities of great facilitators....

How to Be Human and Our 9 Core Needs with Ry Edwards – SASM 129

Sep 27 • 01:00:27

My 12 Favorite Podcast Episodes Ever – SASM 128

Jun 20 • 55:39

How to Ask Better Community Questions: It’s as Easy as ABCD with Cormac Russell – SASM 127

Jun 1 • 00:00

Dear Isolated, Detached, and Helpless Individual – SASM 126

Mar 22 • 21:18

How the Modern Simplicity Movement Thrives with Dan Hayes – SASM 125

Feb 27 • 00:00

This episode features Dan Hayes on how to be a strong believer without an organized belief system, why a walk can be better for your head than your body, how the origins of our modern simplicity movement started with the Industrial Revolution, and how Dan and his wife lived in 40 square feet for seven months....

Full Life Integration, Non-Negotiables, and Your Powerful Lens with Kristoffer “KC” Carter – SASM 123

Dec 6 • 00:00

How to Give a Great Hug – SASM 122

Nov 6 • 29:31

4 “C”s That Make Sustainability Possible with Ma’ikwe Ludwig – SASM 121

Oct 23 • 00:00

This episode features Ma’ikwe Ludwig on how Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage happily uses 90% less resources than the average American, how competing cultures and classes can mix in beautiful ways, and why the economics, equality, or sustainability of resource-sharing works so well in intentional communities....

Delight is Right in Your Hands with Annie Raser-Rowland – SASM 120

Oct 9 • 00:00

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