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Small Beans Podcasting is a place for beans of every sort to come bean it up. Free your soul, eh? Be a frijole.

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436. I'll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours: Movie That Intellectually Offends You

Nov 27 • 01:28:19
As voted by our Show Me Producers, this month’s ISYM has the two hosts in complete simpatico. It seems our hosts aren’t as dissimilar as we thought. They both can trash Christopher Nolan movies with the best of them. If you want to hear why Adam and Maggie think of Inception and Interstellar, you’re gonna get that.

If you patronize us, feel free to email us suggestions for ...

435. 1Upsmanship - Call of Duty: Warzone

Nov 23 • 54:31
This episode Adam has a secret agenda and forces Michael to cover a Call of Duty. They talk about the casual gaming aspect of the game, the try-hard competitive mentality, the battle royale format, and the children of Call of Duty. Oh, the children. With their open mics. Screaming into oblivion.

Adam Ganser:
Michael Swaim:

434. Frame Rate: Adaptation (Feat. Brooks Brown)

Nov 16 • 01:13:06
Brooks has returned so this means we’re covering another Charlie Kaufman film, this time around it’s 2002’s Adaptation directed by Spike Jonze! The gang discusses the nuances of the meta narrative, the wild production of the film, and determines for themselves the value of its ending. How does it stack up against Kaufman's other films? How was this film even made?


433. Ander’s Sons: Bottle Rocket

Nov 9 • 01:21:05
Episode 2 of our new deep-dive podcast that chronicles the films of Paul Thomas Anderson and Wes Anderson! This time the sons take a look at Wes Anderson’s buddy comedy debut Bottle Rocket which follows two bumbling criminals as they make their way through a “70 year plan” of heists. Our hosts look at the story structure, character archetypes, visual aesthetic of the film ...

434. BOLD: Mutual Aid and Abolition (feat. Dean Spade)

Nov 5 • 01:08:06

432. Directorpiece Theatre: The Slow Death Of Final Destination

Nov 4 • 01:27:23
In this spooky episode, Abe points out the two types of Final Destination deaths and breaks them down. The hosts discuss the slow decline of sequels and how a franchise’s choices try to keep their irrelevance at bay. Also, what’s Death’s deal? Can it operate machinery or not? Do a Rube Goldberg machine or not, Death, c’mon.

Abe Epperson:

430. 1Upsmanship: The Forgotten City (Feat. Zachary Ryan)

Oct 30 • 01:11:31
Zach introduces us to a unique title this time. A time-loop based, existential mystery game developed by a team of only six or so designers based on a Skyrim mod. Gameplay mostly involves deciphering the larger mystery by altering your choices each loop. While time-loop games are in this year, the group discusses the uniqueness of this title, it’s ethical dilemmas, and the...

427. Frame Rate: Unforgiven

Oct 26 • 01:07:48
Clint Eastwood: writer, director, old conservative. Michael and Abe decide to take a film that's been called the best western ever and discuss how it’s not as advanced or progressive in the pantheon of westerns as one expects. This episode we dive into the themes, the cowboy ethos, and the concept of the western hero. It’s remembered as a big step in updating the western, ...

428. Bewilderments & Scientifics: Air (Feat. Juliet Parker)

Oct 23 • 58:55
This week the professor discusses the nature and future of Air. We are joined by “social media person” and free speech mogul Juliet Parker who discusses her award-considered project GirlAir. Professor Scott Bug endorses.

Professor Scott Bug:
Cody Johnston:
Jamie Loftus:

429. Spielboys! - Hook

Oct 19 • 01:27:02
Tom Reimann and Abe Epperson, the “Spielboys,” have created a new podcast. They will examine the films of Steven Spielberg one by one. They discuss the development of Spielberg as an artist, the themes and execution of the movie, and the behind the scenes trivia you probably didn’t know.

This series will alternate releases between the Small Beans network and the Gamefully ...

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