Slurrin' The Truth


"society & culture", comedy
Come listen to ShayD and the guys Stokes, Terrell, DMhoon, Jay Al, and Derrick as we Drink and Discuss what’s on our minds and yours.
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Best Episodes

"Something Social"

Feb 6, 2021




Kicking off Season 2 with a few guest, Lady T and Raie sat in with Magic, ShayD, Stokes, Terrell and Tempa in the Back. Tonight We jumped right in and talked about Women’s Accountably, The Challenges, Paying for content and Who does more for attention online. Much more so tune in..Follow usRead more

"You Hoe-Appy"

Mar 5, 2021



And We are Back. We left again without Warning, but today We just jumped right back in to things. The guys talked about Ghosting, Dating, and being a Hoe. We Also Talked about a Good Chicago Date. Tune in, We’ll be back next week. Promise. Follow us  LinkTree Twitter:  @SlurredtruthpodInstagram:Read more

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"After Hours in ShayD's Corner"

Nov 7, 2020


ShayD wanted to ask the guys some questions and get some Sauced Answers. Being Flawed Out Expectations, Aggressive women, Being a Simp, Ghosting, & Loyalty Follow us on Twitter:  @SlurredtruthpodInstagram: @SlurredtruthAnd Email us some Questions you may have at

Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

Mar 13, 2021

"FaceTime Sex"


On tonight’s episode, we’re having the sex talk.  Come listen to ShayD, Stokes, Terrell and Jay Allen talk about erogenous zones, sex toys, cyber sex and spicing it up in the bedroom. We also have some hot takes on open relationships, height difference in dating and being a sexual teacher so makeRead more

"You Cheated"

Jan 22, 2021

"Slacking in Marriage "

“You Cheated”Tonight Jay Allen Came back and join Tempa, Stokes, Terrell and Shady to have a “Quick” Chat about Politics, and Pop’s Chimed in wit some words also. We Also discussed If Closures is Real, Do women really know what they want in a Man and also Cheating.. Follow us  LinkTree Twitter: Read more

"20's vs 30's"

Nov 21, 2020

"What do dreams about you’re exes mean? "

Sit back and Enjoy the Laughs as Tonight Stokes, Jay Allen, & ShayD invite MIMI from NOLA to kick it as they talk about some Things we’ve did and Things they haven’t done yet, along with Stokes trying to take a Field Trip to Chicago’s Hoods and some other random stuff. Follow us on Twitter: Read more
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