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Slightly Offensive with Elijah Schaffer

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Elijah Schaffer provides a hilarious yet thought-provoking perspective on the most controversial and relevant stories from around the world with his signature unfiltered commentary — always slightly offensive but completely engaging.

Popular episodes

Ep 208 | LEGENDS DEBATE: Paleo Conservative VS. No BS Libertarian | C-TMZ

Nov 24 • 01:24:57

As right-wingers get more and more frustrated with the spineless GOP and big-tent conservatism, many are asking, what is the way forward for our party? Libertarian Austin Petersen goes head to head with conservative John Doyle to discuss the future of the Right and how we could possibly save this country.  ...

Ep 207 | I’m At My Breaking Point | Guest: Marjorie Taylor Greene

Nov 19 • 01:19:22

Forced mandates, open p*dophilia, and political persecution of Americans are enough to drive anyone mad, and we’ve reached our breaking point with these evil people in society. Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene joins the show to call out the spineless GOP and discuss America potentially heading toward a national divorce.  ________________________________________________...

Ep 206 | TikToks That Left Our Guest Speechless w/ Brendon Leslie

Nov 17 • 59:13

Having a baby? This gender therapist is now saying that if your baby girl rips the bows off her head, it’s a pre-verbal indication of transgenderism. Having surgery? Society will band together to celebrate you removing your body parts. Need a new TV? Shoplifting is not only the norm, it’s now legal! Brendon Leslie, founder of Florida Voice News, joins the show to discuss t...

Ep 205 | Roasting Fatties with Owen Shroyer

Nov 12 • 01:18:50

Lap dances that turn into WWE wrestling moves, gay guys crying because they got turned down at the bar, and being fat now ties to one's gender. It’s time for a roast, and no one is off-limits. Owen Shroyer, host of the "War Room," joins the show to laugh, cringe, and roast the people our society would deem “healthy” and normal. ...

Ep 204 | How Facebook Is Aiding Human Trafficking | Guest: Jorge Ventura

Nov 10 • 59:03

The border situation continues to get worse and worse. From human trafficking, drug smuggling and an uptick in crime at border cities, it's out of control. Jorge Ventura, reporter for the Daily Caller joins us to talk about his new documentary "Cartelville USA", and the impact the open border is having on our country. He also exposes the sinister way that Facebook is aidin...

Ep 203 | Degenerate TikToks That Broke Lauren Southern's Brain

Nov 5 • 01:20:00

It's once again time to roast degenerate tikoks with Lauren Southern. On the menu, a slutty lo-fi girl, a vaccinated mom who wants to infect every unvaccinated person she can, a woman who wishes she was aborted and the "its" pronoun! Happy Friday and we apologize in advance for the braincells you're about to lose....

Ep 202 | Evil ANTIFA Doxxer Faces Fiery Justice | Guest: Andy Ngo

Nov 3 • 01:09:05

In 2020, justice was something we didn't see. Antifa was allowed to run rampant, BLM burned down our country, and rioters and looters owned the streets. We've been black-pilled about our justice system, but it seems like we're finally making headway in 2021. Andy Ngo joins the show to discuss the Antifa member finally facing justice, and we delve into how we're fighting ba...

Ep 201 | Obese Mermaid Signals the End Times | Guest: Evelyn Rae

Oct 29 • 58:50

Obese LGBTQ mermaids, sex dungeons, and men winning homecoming queen are the progressive utopia the Left has always wanted, and now we're all living it. The TikToks that we once laughed are now the norm, and parents are the crazy ones for not wanting their children to be indoctrinated by these people. Evelyn Rae, a writer for Caldron Pool, also joins us to give updates on ...

Ep 200 | The BS Is Endless. I’m Over It | Guest: Darren Beattie

Oct 27 • 01:05:18

Knitted eco-friendly penises, bunny pronouns, and January 6 now being categorized as a war are enough to make anyone’s head spin. The farther we delve into the Left’s progressive America, the worse and worse it all seems to get. Darren Beattie, from Revolver News, joins the show to talk about the feds’ involvement with Jan. 6 as we continue to try to shed light on a seemin...

Ep 199 | Girl Identifies as Pansexual Mushroom | Guest: Gothix

Oct 22 • 59:08

Yes, we've found it, the hottest new pronoun on the market. Mushroom. If a pansexual mushroom is something that surprises you, well, you haven't been paying attention to America in 2021. A place where jokes are not allowed, we're all subjected to a naked Kathy Griffin, and violence is justified if you misgender someone. ...

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