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Steven Snider, Parapolitical QAnon |529|

Nov 30 • 01:56:09

Steven Snider, looks deeply into the politics and social engineering behind QAnon. Subscribe:   Click here for Steven Snider’s website Click here for forum Discussion h skeptiko-529-steven-snider [00:00:00] Clip: I forgot how like this, how polarizing that OJ case was anal. I’ve met OJ Simpson on four different occasions in my life. And before the […]...

Miguel Conner, Snack Sized Mediations |528|

Nov 23 • 37:22

Tim Grimes, Deep Spirituality and the Law of Attraction |527|

Nov 16 • 01:00:48

Tim Grimes believes there’s a deep spirituality to law of attraction principles. Subscribe:   Click here for Tim Grimes’s website Click here for forum Discussion Skeptiko-527-Tim-Grimes [00:00:00] Movie Clip: I know that, that means that you’re bullshitting and bullshitting me. I tell you what if you lie on Twitter don’t lie to it, but I […]...

Pam Popper, Fight for Health Rights |526|

Nov 9 • 01:08:07

Scott Shay, Conspiracy Theories in Academia |525|

Nov 2 • 46:04

Riz Virk, Computer Science Eats Science |524|

Oct 26 • 01:14:15

Riz Virk is an expert in computer game tech… so are we living in a simulated multiverse game? Subscribe:   Click here for Riz Virk’s website Click here for forum Discussion     Skeptiko-524-Riz-Virk [00:00:00] Movie clip: Thomas, you seem particularly triggered right now can you tell me what happened? I’ve had dreams that weren’t […]...

Andy Paquette, Mask Science, Big Lie? |523|

Oct 19 • 01:18:28

Dr. Andy Paquette knows peer-review and stat analysis, and how it didn’t work with COVID mask science. Subscribe:   Click here for Andy Paquette’s website Click here for forum Discussion   Skeptiko-523-andy-paquette-covid-mask-junk-science [00:00:00] News clip: A large study on masks details their importance in the fight against COVID. [00:00:04] Alex Tsakiris: Bullshit. [...

Charlie Robinson, Octopus of Control |522|

Oct 12 • 01:44:46

Charlie Robinson, is the host of the Macroaggressions podcast and author of The Octopus of Global Control. Subscribe:   Click here for Charlie Robinson’s website Click here for forum Discussion skeptiko-522-charlie-robinson [00:00:00] Alex Tsakiris: Hi everybody, I have an interview, slashed swap cast coming up with Charlie Robinson. If you don’t know, he’s the author […]...

Richard Syrett, COVID Spiritual Warfare |521|

Oct 5 • 50:42

Richard Syrett contemplates a metaphysical connection behind COVID-19. Subscribe:   Click here for Richard Syrett’s website Click here for forum Discussion skeptiko-521-richard-syrett [00:00:00] Speaker 1: As long as there are those that remember what was and will always be those that are unable to accept what can be? [00:00:08] Speaker 2: Yep, we’re all kinds […]...

Dr. Doug Matzke, Is AI Evil? |520|

Sep 29 • 01:12:33

Dr. Doug Matzke, AI has metaphysical implications, but are the ones pushing it evil? Subscribe:   Click here for Doug Matzke’s website Click here for forum Discussion skeptiko-520-doug-matzke [00:00:00] Speaker 1: I’m placing you under arrest for future murder Sara Marks [unclear 00:02] [00:00:03] Speaker 2: The future can be seen. [00:00:08] Alex Tsakiris: That’s […]...

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