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Hi. This is a podcast about video game music from the 16-bit era Singing Mountain is hosted by Drew Mackie, who feels most at home in the music from 16-bit RPGs.

Popular episodes

The Final 16-Bit Halloween

Oct 24 • 01:51:24

Here it is: my last effort at celebrating the spooky season with VGM. I don’t have much to say other than that that this is a mix of new stuff and stuff I’ve played on previous episodes. I couldn’t think of a better way to say goodbye to Hallowene episodes....

Cruise Into Sunset

Sep 20 • 01:04:48

Some of you bemoaned the loss of the Singing Mountain Patreon because it also meant the loss of the ”all music, no talk” versions of episodes that I sometimes posted there. Never fear: the files have been recovered, and I will be posting them on the main feed....

Afternoon Drive 2: Revenge of the Afternoon

Sep 13 • 01:43:05

You’re still driving. It still doesn’t have to be a race....

Sunset on a Mountain

Aug 28 • 59:08

The good news: Singing Mountain is back. The bad news: It’s only coming back for a few more episodes before ending. Due to reasons I explain in the episode, I’ve decided to end this podcast. However, before I do that, I’ll be clearing out the odds and ends that are remaining in the shambles of the planning doc I’ve been making episodes from all this time. First up: a grab ...

The Forest of Remarkable Chill

Mar 6 • 01:34:13

This is an experiment. What you have here is ninety minutes of 16-bit forest music, drawn from all four forest episodes of Singing Mountain, only slowed down, pitched down, muted and muffled in various ways and played over the sound of some royalty-free rain noise I found on YouTube. I initially made this for Patreon, and a few people noted how much they liked it, so I tho...

Pixelated Light Shining Through Pixelated Trees

Feb 28 • 01:14:38

I’m going back to my roots, and no, that is not a pun about trees. I decided to revisit the “relaxing forest music” theme that I first did back in the fifth episode of this show. ...

Christmas Eve in an Ice Cavern

Dec 21 • 01:13:11

Yes, it’s the annual Singing Mountain episode about chilly winter music. The big difference is that this year I’m actually allowing a few tracks that have sleigh bells jingling. Don’t worry — they’re still moody, but this is a less melancholy collection of ice level VGM than I’ve put together in recent years....

A Road Walked by Heroes

Nov 30 • 01:07:09

A sequel of sorts to the “Lonesome Journeys” episode I did way back when, this episode is all about “sad travel music” — the kind of stuff you might associate with an RPG overworld, where the world is big and open and mysterious and you have to venture forth anyway. It’s a little somber, it’s a little hopeful, and it seems perfect for a late autumn day. ...

Attack of the Cutie Pie

Nov 16 • 01:10:36

The episode I intended to put out this week isn’t done yet, but I decided to toss you guys an episode that was previously a Patreon-exclusive. Last year, around the time Singing Mountain hit one hundred episodes, I did a bonus that was just all the VGM tracks I’d encountered just through doing research for this podcast. You know, as opposed to hearing them while actually p...

My 16-Bit Horror Movie

Oct 29 • 01:02:27
This year, I tried to pick tracks that sound like they could be from a horror movie — and not just any horror movie, but a solid B horror flick, watched on VHS, with a synthy score that’s way better that it should be given the quality of the movie. There is also an "all music, no talk" version of this episode up on Patreon: BTW, if yo...

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