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Welcome to my podcast. I'm Lance Sinclair, the jazz-loving mentalist and hypnotist. On here I'll share my thoughts on living a more fulfilled and happy life through practical mental exercises and stoic philosophies. Follow me on my Instagram and Twitter : @lancementalist Support this podcast:Read more

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Sep 29 • 04:20

EPISODE 08: Cultivating Confidence

Aug 2 • 15:44

In today's episode, I share with you a simple yet powerful hack to help you cultivate real and unshakeable confidence!  Do you find yourself focusing on what's wrong in your life? Let me show you why that's keeping you stuck in a downward spiral and killing all your confidence and motivation and how to change that thinking pattern....

EPISODE 07: Fixed vs. Growth Mindset with Special Guest Joshua Ulloa

Apr 24 • 02:02:48

In the case of COVID-19, how can we take advantage of these unforeseen circumstances utilizing the growth mindset methodology? Join me and Joshua Ulloa as we discuss all this and more in an episode FULL of wisdom to take your life to the next level! Follow Joshua at and keep your eyes peeled for an article from him on my website. Want t...

EPISODE 06: Get it Done!

Jan 1 • 31:24

EPISODE 05: The Miracle Morning

Nov 30 • 27:48

EPISODE 04: Gratitude: Being Conscious of Our Treasures

May 28 • 15:30

EPISODE 03: Relinquishing Control

May 15 • 21:24

EPISODE 02: Perception: How Perspective Distorts Experience

May 7 • 18:22

EPISODE 01: What is Happiness?

May 1 • 09:23

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