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The Sincerely HER Podcast provides bite-sized motivational notes, mindset tips, and exclusive interviews to help you win the game of life. Each day, Tam, The Queen of Bite-Sized Motivation, shares unconventional self-improvement tips, positive affirmations, advice on entrepreneurship, and helpfulRead more

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Dear Me, I Will Make You Proud | Note 395

Nov 26 • 02:05

Do you realize today can be the beginning of endless possibilities for the rest of your existence? You have the power to create change....

Grateful. | Note 394

Nov 25 • 03:00

Today, right now, is the beginning of endless possibilities for the rest of your existence. If you are feeling unsure, unhappy, or unfulfilled, shift your perspective. Change your viewpoint to gratitude. All it takes is a decision. Decide to be grateful....

Giving Thanks Before Receiving an Outcome | Note 393

Nov 24 • 02:19

“Can you give thanks and feel the elevated emotions associated with a desired event before it occurs? Can you imagine that reality so completely that you begin to be in that future life now?" — Joe Dispenza...

Be Distracting | Note 392

Nov 23 • 02:28

One day, I saw a card that said, “Be Distracting.” That card forever changed me. Reading that card reconfirmed to me, I am who I am. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I command attention, and that’s a good thing....

Build It | Note 391

Nov 22 • 01:36

I Am Excited For My Future | Note 390

Nov 19 • 02:40

Get Uncomfortable | Note 389

Nov 18 • 01:31

Choosing to step out of your comfort zone is a choice. Contrary to what you believe and how you feel, your comfort zone may not be the best place to be if you are trying to get shit done and win....

Walk Away | Note 388

Nov 17 • 01:58

The faster you can let go, the quicker you can free yourself. Holding on to things that do not bring you joy will not fix anything and will often lead you down the path of heartache and disappointment....

One Small Change | Note 387

Nov 16 • 02:39

If you want to grow and succeed, you must change. You must try something different. It’s time to stop talking about it and take action. Start by changing your routine. Only the things that you will work on and make sacrifices for will get done....

Don’t Let Anyone Rock Your Boat | Note 386

Nov 15 • 01:54

Watch out for toxic people and decide based on what you believe, not what someone tried to make you feel. If you believe it can be done, it can be done. Anything is possible to the one who believes it is possible....

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