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Simple, but Not Easy is a podcast about investing and behavioral science by Morningstar Investment Management LLC. Most shows focus on our asset class research, our principled approach to managing money, or our insights on using behavioral science to help investors and advisors make betterRead more

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Easing Inflation Worries

Nov 30 • 57:02
Inflation. It's showing up in headlines and in conversations between everyone from political pundits to investment professionals and clients. It’s no different for us here at Morningstar, and most of what we’re hearing boils down to two key questions: what are our views on inflation, moving forward, and what are we doing to prepare for the potential threat of a continuing ...

Q4 Global Convictions: The Beliefs Behind Our Investment Decisions

Nov 17 • 43:06
Conviction. The term derives from the Latin verb convincere, which means “to argue.” And that’s the basis for Morningstar Investment Management’s quarterly global convictions: to present an argument that helps an investor achieve their goals. Or perhaps more directly, what are our high-conviction ideas to fuel investor success? We’ll cover a lot of ground in this episode, ...

How to Capitalize on the Economic Recovery

Oct 15 • 57:45
An economic recovery is cause for celebration, but how, exactly, do we capitalize on it? Since it began in 2020, the decline that COVID brought us has been called the deepest and shortest economic crisis in history, and the nature of the forced shutdown followed by the subsequent reopening is an indication of just how unique this recovery has been. In this episode, we exam...

Sizing up Risks and Opportunities in Chinese Equities

Sep 27 • 28:06
China is a key talking point in the investment community today, as a regulatory crackdown has spooked markets. Chinese regulators have targeted specific sectors such as technology, education and real estate as part of a crackdown aimed at aligning the Chinese private sectors with its long-term policy agenda. In today’s episode, we will take a closer look at recent events ...

The Potential Impact of Corporate Tax Hikes on Equities

Sep 13 • 38:04

The Sustainability Stress Test

Sep 7 • 49:07
ESG investing, which focusses on an investment’s environmental, social, and governance impact or risk, has grown immensely in recent years, attracting significant inflows. But what happens to ESG investing during a market downturn? Are ESG considerations left by the wayside as investors focus on financial market risks? Ryan Murphy, Head of Decision Sciences for Morningstar...

Our Global Convictions Following Q2 2021

Jul 28 • 40:19

2021 Inflation Insights

Jul 12 • 59:39
As more of the US reopens and people begin to return to their normal routines we’ve seen a disconnect between supply and demand, and many are worried that price increases are here to stay. Alfonzo Bruno, associate portfolio manager, shares insights around the current state of inflation, how to interpret updated guidance from the Fed, and how he anticipates inflation press...

Global Energy Stocks: In Structural Decline or a Buying Opportunity?

Jun 28 • 30:14
Other than the strong recovery this year, the energy sector has been avoided by many investors. Whether environmental concerns of an increasing number of ESG-focused investors or worries about the secular decline in oil revenues as the world transitions to renewal energy sources, energy stocks have been among the least popular investments out there.

Philip Straehl, global ...

Our Reactions: 2021 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting

Jun 14 • 53:25
Our Select Equity portfolio managers share five key takeaways from the 2021 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting.
Portfolio specialist Jeff Wagner sits down with Mike Corty, Morningstar Investment Management’s Head of our Select Equity Portfolios team and the portfolio manager of our Tortoise portfolio, as well as senior portfolio manager John Owens, who manages Select Equity...

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