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Sickboy is determined to break down the stigma associated with illness and disease. Join Jeremie, Brian and Taylor as they tackle health taboos with people who have experienced them firsthand. Taking the lead from Jeremie's life long battle with Cystic Fibrosis, the three best friends help usRead more

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Jeremie's First Dose Of Trikafta!!! - Feel Good Friday

Dec 3 • 01:17:53
In a truly good feeling Feel Good Friday: Jer swallows his first dose of Trikafta! The fellas then speak at length about alcohol abuse and Jeremie's struggle with kicking the bottle in order to prep for this new life-changing medicine. In other news, llamas might be the reason for the newest COVID treatment, a cure for Type I Diabetes could be right around the corner, and ...

Routine Checkup: Why Men's Health Matters! Movember 2021

Dec 1 • 01:23:46
That's a wrap for Movember 2021! Between the fellas, the moustache and fundraising competition has come to a close and the loser must now step up and get a moustache tattoo. So who lost? Tune in to find out. At the beginning of the month the boys put on a virtual live show and were joined by Mitch Hermansen, Movember staff, to talk about why Movember matters then they tran...

Two Prosthetic Legs & A Fire In His Belly: Double Amputee

Nov 29 • 48:52
Buckle up this week. Literally. Put on your seat belt. We spend the first 10 minutes of this week's episode connecting with Mack while he's on the road in his souped-up sound-proofed car. Mack was born a double amputee and this guy is the ultimate trooper. During his youth he pushed through multiple surgeries and had an uphill battle with his own mental health, but it wasn...

Wait! Sexually Transmitted Allergies Are A Thing?!

Nov 26 • 01:03:53
Here at Sickboy we have the sleuthiest of listeners. Shout out to Britt and Hil for spilling the TEA. This week we talk about the future of nanobots when it comes to cancer treatement. Miracle workers or possible human killing mini machines? Speaking of existential events, we chat disability & climate change. Folks who are disabled are being left out of the conversation an...

Routine Checkup: It’s Just A Pump - The Fascinating Science of The Heart

Nov 24 • 58:11
You could say this episode has a lot of heart. AYYYOOO! Dr. Eilidh MacDonald holds a PhD in Physiology and Biophysics at Dalhousie University and is now a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the British Heart Foundation Centre of Research Excellence at the University of Glasgow in Scotland. She joins the fellas to talk all things heart! We talk how one tests/studies the hea...

TAYLOR IS HAVING A BABY!! - Taylor & Kyla's IVF Journey

Nov 22 • 01:47:10
This week is a special one. A huge milestone for our favourite host with psychopathic tendencies. Him and his lovely partner Kyla are having a baby. But this wasn't some "hey let's make hanky-panky without a condom and pop out a baby"-type situation. No sir. This was a long arduous process of in-vitro fertilization. A process that can be extremely taxing physically and emo...

Trading Babies?! A Really Bad Hospital Oopsie - Feel Good Friday

Nov 19 • 01:04:11
How would you feel if someone sold your grandma's dead body to the military only for them to strap her to a chair rigged with explosives and blow her to bits to see what happens? We go even further down the rabbit hole of the unregulated body trade black market and it just keeps getting weirder. Then, the future of cars could include some sort of apparatus that ensures you...

Routine Checkup: Hospital School Teachers - The Real Heroes

Nov 17 • 50:58
Miranda Field is a teacher from Saskatchewan supporting children with learning, medical, and mental health complexities. She has more than 15 years of teaching experience ranging from Kindergarten through post-secondary in mainstream, hospital, and supportive programs. This week she joins the boys to walk them through what teaching roles look like in a hospital setting. Th...

"I Almost Bled To Death On My Period" - Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura

Nov 15 • 01:03:19
At 14 years old, Katy went to the hospital to get a peculiar little rash checked out. It started on her ankles, but before long has spread up her legs, torso, neck and face. The doc ran some blood work and sent Katy on her way. One day later that doctor frantically called Katy's mother informing her she needs to get Katy to an emergency department ASAP. Katy's platelet cou...

The Dark Unregulated World of "Donating Your Body To Science" w/Marc Fennell - Feel Good Friday

Nov 12 • 01:00:54
This week's FGF is extra special! We have a secret ingredient from down under. Brian, Taylor, and Dick Rice are joined by Marc Fennell, host of "Stuff The British Stole" for a whole whack of weirdness in the world of health sciences. First thing first, flush your damn toilet before you sit on it. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting bit in the nuts by a cobra. Ever been ...

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