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Join us on a hilarious RPG adventure through the weird worlds of pop culture! Our heroes travel to the universes of forgotten fictional properties on a quest to save reality itself, using the RPG systems of the worlds the characters are currently in. It's funny, chaotic, and awesome. Let the questRead more

Popular episodes

BONUS EPISODE: Shuffle Quest Crew Chat

Jan 13 • 01:00:35

BONUS EPISODE: Care Bears One-Shot

Sep 2 • 01:18:31

The Shuffle Crew visits Care-a-lot, the world of the Care Bears, in a one-shot adventure where everyone is nice and there's nothing wrong and nothing bad happens! This is not me setting up a devious twist. It's just nice and good and pleasant. Don't we deserve that? It's Shuffle Quest!...

BONUS EPISODE: Monster Care Squad pt. 2

Aug 12 • 01:37:08

After diagnosing the Lord of the Mountain's illnesses, our crew has to figure out how to make and administer medicine to an enormous underground monster they've never seen. Just another day in the life of monster care specialists. Our one-shot of Monster Care Squad reaches its thrilling conclusion! Check it out!...

BONUS EPISODE: Monster Care Squad pt. 1

Jul 29 • 01:37:31

Whoa! Shuffle Quest is back with a dope new one-shot! In this episode, the Shuffle Crew are Monster Care Specialists in the wondrous world of Ald-Amura, and always have been. Administrator Joe gives them a new mission to save the city of Stone Valley using veterinary science and love. It whips! Check it out!...

BONUS EPISODE: The Cats Episode

May 6 • 01:11:59

We needed to test our remote recording capability so we did a one-shot where the crew become horrible anthropomorphic cats and a series of other, worse cats show up and introduce themselves and do some inexplicable bullshit. Basically this is canon Cats stuff and is now officially part of the musical. Enjoy, it's Shuffle Quest! SITE: FB: facebook.c...

Episode 66: Olmec Interlude

Apr 22 • 46:11

After an adventure on Dune that was by turns both harrowing and boring, the crew needs to relax on Olmec's head. Phia leads another creative group project after the family band ended in failure, Omie and Ignite have a heart-to-heart, the crew gets on a group call with Ruddina, and Olmec finally gets asked about his past--to surprising result! Join us on a dope interlude! I...

Episode 65: B-Team Presents: Moonmist Prairie (feat. Matthew Marquez)

Apr 8 • 01:48:27

With the Shuffle Crew away in Dune World, Hardcore makes Ignite his own VR gaming helmet. But when his psychic powers interact with the VR helmet in unexpected ways, he accidentally traps the entire B-Team in his legally-distinct-from-Stardew Valley video game! Will they find a way out, or has Ignite fatally gamed too hard?...

Episode 64: Spice Up Your Life Finale (feat. Jen Ellison)

Mar 25 • 01:14:27

The crew meets the Ashen One, a mystical AI that Hitomie and the Fremen have been hiding all along--and turns out it's an evolved form of Ash the Business Robot from Android world!? With the Danites growing impatient, Hitomie plays her final card to bring Omie into her master plan...will the long lost friends finally reclaim the connection they once shared, or is the world...

Episode 63: Spice Up Your Life pt. 5 (feat. Jen Ellison)

Mar 11 • 01:06:26

The Crew gets super high! With Ruddy having accidentally ingested the hyper-potent and sacred Water of Life, the Fremen decide to test the Shuffle Crew with a spice ritual that gets them super high! Omie has to finally come clean to Hitomie, and Phia has to somehow convince her Moritani superiors that everything is super normal despite being high as hell! It's Shuffle Ques...

Episode 62: Spice Up Your Life pt. 4 (feat. Jen Ellison)

Feb 26 • 01:13:51

It's time to ride the sands of Arrakis! Hitomie, still furious after learning Omie has the powers of their religion's priesthood, leads our heroes to a secret outpost of free, self-sufficient Fremen in order to learn more about the Red Star's presence. But with unresolved resentment lingering between the two old friends (plus Ruddy and Phia's growing hatred of the boring w...

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