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Paterson Joseph On Being Vigil's Captain

Oct 13 • 36:04

Paterson Joseph joins Brendan, Hannah and Rebecca to talk all about life on Vigil, keep things calm as Captain Newsome and his time living in Dublin where his friends used to call him ‘Pat Jo’. He also acts out how he feels Peep Show would end if it ever returned for one final special. You can support us on ;...

Vigil: The Interview Available Now On Patreon

Oct 6 • 03:22

We have been working as hard on this as Gary Walsh did fixing that comms wire. We have sat down to chat with Vigil actors Lorne MacFadyen, Adam James and Lauren Lyle. We also got word on a season two straight from the horse’s mouth, Vigil writer and creator, Tom Egde. This bonus episode is available to hear in full on Thank you for listening to and s...

Vigil S1E6: Mission Accomplished

Sep 29 • 52:34

After spending six weeks under water, it's time to bid farewell to HMS Vigil. We may have lost Prentice, but we did finally get that long awaited Silvacre reunion. Join Brendan, Hannah and Rebecca as they discuss they downfall of Doward, the red room of doom, the lack of Cat-rine and all your thoughts and theories. You can support us on

Vigil S1E5: The Fuck Ups’ Club

Sep 22 • 46:12

Why did Jackie open the poisonous tin of grapefruit, who installs that gorgeous ring lighting inside a hazmat suit and will we see Suranne Jones fired out of an underwater torpedo tube? With Hannah at a wedding in Port Havers, join Brendan and Rebecca as they discuss the latest from Vigil. You can support us on

Vigil S1E4: Vigil's Coming Home

Sep 15 • 51:52

Did Chef Jackie have leg of Laverty on the menu, why was a Russian spy sending photos of carp to someone on Vigil, and how the hell did the crew, once again, not hear a giant cruise liner above them with Jane McDonald performing to a host of all-inclusive passengers? Those and more questions discussed by Brendan, Hannah & Rebecca on this week’s episode of Shrine Podcasts: ...

Vigil S1E3: Songs of Praise

Sep 8 • 49:33

Join Brendan, Hannah and Rebecca as they go deep and dissect the goings on in Vigil season one, episode three. Who is the man with the dragon tattoo, why is Songs of Praise held on a nuclear submarine and how much fear would you have waking up after that night out in Port Havers? You can support us on ;...

Vigil S1E1&2: Better Than Ryanair

Sep 1 • 01:10:41

All aboard - the submarine-based, Suranne Jones-starring nautical whodunnit we never knew we needed has arrived! And thanks to a Bank Holiday in the UK, we were treated to not one, but two thrilling instalments this week. Who killed Craig Burke? Where is DCI Amy Silva's (apparent) daughter? And can someone please get Cat-rine to a safe house! Join Hannah, Brendan and Rebec...

Introducing: Shrine Podcasts 'Vigil'

Aug 25 • 33:47

Line of Duty: Chicken Licken & The Bent Bastard

May 12 • 37:37

Surprise! We're back for a fab chat with the actors behind Chicken Licken' and The Bent Bastard. Join Brendan, Hannah and Rebecca as Amy De Bhrun and Gregory Piper tell them all about working on season six of Line of Duty. You can support us on

Line of Duty S6E7: Carry The Fire

May 5 • 01:24:09

After a three year wait, we finally found out who the fourth man is with no urgent exit required - leaving some feeling underwhelmed. However, we did get a great van switch, some brilliant moves from Ted, Kate and Steve in the glass box and Jo's new girlfriend and dog! Join Brendan, Hannah and Rebecca as they discuss your thoughts on the Line of Duty season six finale, and...

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