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Comedian Jordan Foisy lives in a scary place. We all do. It’s called The World. From rising sea levels to war to worrying about being a bad friend, there are simply too many fears to fit in the day. We need a better way to fear. Join Jordan as he interviews experts about all the things that freakRead more

Popular episodes

Episode 7: Fatherhood

Oct 27 • 34:00

Is Jordan capable of being a good father? In this episode, Jordan asks a family therapist, dad-blogger and best friend about what it means to support a child in your life....

Episode 6: My Phone

Sep 21 • 33:00

With the help of University of Alberta psychology professor Dr. Kyle Mathewson, Jordan finds out if his phone is really making him less focused, attentive and overall, a more stupid, shallow person....

Episode 5: Free Trade

Aug 24 • 37:00

With all sorts of free trade agreements spiralling around Jordan's nightmares and knocking on his door at Halloween, he asks what exactly he should be scared of (if anything). In this episode Jordan speaks with economics and political history Professor Dimitri Anastakis. ...

Episode 4: Commitment

Jul 28 • 40:00

Jordan Foisy and his bae, Amanda Brooke Perrin...

Episode 3: Drought

Jul 15 • 26:00

Episode 2: Hospitals

Jul 2 • 27:00

Episode 1: The Rich

Jun 25 • 27:00

Jordan interviews journalist Bruce Livesey (Thieves of Bay Street, CBC’s The National, National Observer@livesey416) about the 1%, fat cats, the Rich. Should he worry about their influence in his life or is it just a bunch hippy dippy nonsense? What he learns hits closer to home than he thought possible....

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