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It's a crazy world out there. Here's your Shot of Sanity to help you get through it.

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Hindsight Will Forever Be 2020 | Solo Shot

Jan 4 • 18:41

How Distrcated are You? Enough to see the Wrong Spelling? | feat. Joyce Pring

Dec 1 • 34:24

Distractions are coming in fast and in constant fashion. Time to go play some video games. I wonder what's on my feed. Oh new episode on Netflix. How do we make sure that our attention is going to the right places? How do we make sure that we are in control of our already extremely short attention span? Joyce Pring returns to try and help us all out in figuring out how to ...

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions | feat. Joyce Pring

Nov 10 • 29:40

We have all reached the age of our lives that we have to make a big decision. Whether it is to quit a job to chase a dream, or to say yes to someone being part of our lives, to thinking about maybe going vegetarian. We are bombarded with decisions that feel like has the weight of the world on it. But, that is part of being an adult. There are repercussions to our actions a...

Mailbag Episode! | feat. Joyce Pring

Oct 28 • 29:39

There are so many questions that I get that deserve to be on the show. It sucks that we cant get to all of them. That was until today. Joyce and I decided to have our first mailbag episode where we try to answer as many questions from you as we can. Some of the questions were thought provoking. The others were hilarious. The rest were curious. All of them were great tho! E...

Keep Your Love Lockdown | feat. Laureen Uy

Oct 23 • 32:39

We've heard from Joyce on how to survive being married in lockdown. I've shared how I'm trying to keep my sanity as a single guy in quarantine. But, what about those that are locked down together? What is that like? How do you survive that? We bring in superstar blogger, Laureen Uy, to talk to us about how she and he boyfriend, Miggy, are dealing with being together as boy...

When You've Outgrown Your Partner | feat. Joyce Pring

Oct 13 • 28:37

This is sometimes inevitable. It has happened to all of us. When we have outgrown someone in our lives. When what we want, is no longer what our partner wants. When our goals and priorities no long line up. But, how do we avoid it? Are we supposed to avoid it? Let's sit down and talk about it. Join the conversation online by using the hashtag, #ShotOfSanity, or tagging us ...

Moving On and Moving Forward | feat. Joyce Pring

Oct 7 • 30:52

We are constantly faced with heartbreak. Some that are heavier than others. Some that are in life, career, relationships, even competition. Heartbreak is what tests us for who we really are. So, how do you handle it? What do you do to deal with heartbreak? Joyce Pring returns (as does normal programming) and we dissect how we both deal with events that alter our lives. Ple...


Sep 29 • 19:45

Moving Out and Moving Forward | feat. Joyce Pring

Sep 18 • 33:19

Moving out of your parents' home is never easy. It's one of the biggest steps one can make in their adult life. But, it is a step that needs to be made. Some earlier than others, some easier than others, some in a more hostile of manner. Regardless, it is a right of passage that we all must take at some point in our lives. So, how do you do it? Join Joyce and I talk about ...

NBSB (No Boo Since Birth)? This is for You! | feat. Tracy Ayson

Sep 14 • 32:00

I get a ton of questions from people about being NBSB (no boyfriends since birth) or NGSB (G is for girlfriend naman) and I needed to talk to someone about this to get a better understanding. Are things harder during lockdown? Do you feel more alone nowadays? What do you do to help yourself out? Well, joining me (sorry for the echo my bad everyone!) is a good friend of min...

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