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Breaking Down The New CDC Mask Guidance

Jul 29 • 11:17

Managing Wildfire Through Cultural Burns

Jul 28 • 13:13
Fire has always been part of California's landscape. But long before the vast blazes of recent years, Native American tribes held controlled burns that cleared out underbrush, encouraged new plant growth, and helped manage wildfires. It's a tradition that disappeared with the arrival of Western settlers. NPR climate correspondent Lauren Sommer explains how tribal leaders a...

Sweat: A Human Superpower

Jul 27 • 12:27

The Great California Groundwater Grab

Jul 23 • 12:59
California is in the middle of a terrible drought. The rivers are running low, and most of its farmers are getting very little water this year from the state's reservoirs and canals. And yet, farming is going on as usual.

NPR food and agriculture correspondent Dan Charles explains how farmers have been using wells and underground aquifers to water their crops. But that's a...

Who Runs The World? Squirrels!

Jul 22 • 13:25

How Tall Is Mount Everest? Hint: It Changes

Jul 21 • 14:44

The Delta Variant And The Latest Coronavirus Surge

Jul 20 • 10:25
COVID-19 cases are on the rise in the last month due to the Delta variant. NPR correspondent Allison Aubrey talks with Emily Kwong about where the virus is resurging, how some public health officials are reacting and what they are recommending. Also, with a spate of outbreaks at summer camp, officials are weighing in on what parents can do before they send children to camp...

Building A Shark Science Community For Women Of Color

Jul 19 • 11:14
As a kid, Jasmin Graham was endlessly curious about the ocean. Her constant questioning eventually led her to a career in marine science studying sharks and rays. But until relatively recently, she had never met another Black woman in her field.

That all changed last year when she connected with a group of Black women studying sharks through the Twitter hashtag #BlackInNat...

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