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Short History Of... is the new show from award-winning podcasters, Noiser. Each week, we'll transport you back in time to witness history's most incredible moments and remarkable people. New episodes each Monday. Follow Noiser Podcasts on Twitter for updates on our shows.

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The Pirate Queen

Nov 29 • 47:17

It’s November 28th, 1809. The Imperial fleet in Tung Chung Bay is aflame. But the crew of Zheng I Sao’s ship watch on and cheer. This is the greatest victory of the Pirate Queen, scourge of the South China Sea. At its peak, her fleet was more than twice the size of the Spanish Armada. But who was Zheng I Sao? How did she become one of the most successful pirates of all tim...


Nov 22 • 57:13

Sakkara, Egypt, 2,630BC. A man stands atop a structure of dizzying height as the final block grinds into place. For Imhotep, it is the culmination of his life’s work: a mountain made by man. He checks the joint while his workers wait in silence. Then, he gives a barely perceptible nod. It is done....

Introducing: Real Pirates

Nov 17 • 48:08

New Noiser Release. Starting today, unpack the epic dramas of history’s most infamous buccaneers. Real Pirates takes you right into the heart of the action with immersive storytelling and pulse-racing tales, charting the lives of the legendary men and women who roamed the oceans. Who really were they? What was life really like? Listen to an exclusive clip from the first ep...

William Wallace

Nov 15 • 46:16

Despised by the English, mistrusted by the Scottish nobles, revered by his countrymen: William Wallace is synonymous with the battle for Scottish freedom. But scratch away at the legend, and even the most basic details are disputed. Where he was born, who he married, what he did after his famous battle at Stirling Bridge. Thanks to the brutal nature of his death, he doesn’...

The Samurai

Nov 8 • 55:30

After a bloody battle on September 22nd, 1877, Saigo Takamori and his loyal warriors pause on a hillside overlooking Kagoshima. They’ll never surrender, but they’re wounded, exhausted, massively outnumbered, and Saigo already knows how this will end. Because his noble Samurai army aren’t just fighting the Emperor’s gun-wielding forces. They’re fighting progress itself. And...

Introducing: History Daily - The Vote of Susan B. Anthony

Nov 5 • 18:10

Introducing History Daily, the new show from Noiser, co-produced with Airship....

The Gunpowder Plot

Nov 1 • 01:02:24

One night in November 1605, a man is discovered underneath England’s Houses of Parliament. And he’s got enough gunpowder with him to reduce it to rubble, with the King, his sons, and the entire government inside it. The Gunpowder plot is an epic tale of adventure and murderous revenge, a detective story complete with secrets, aliases, even an anonymous letter of betrayal. ...

Rosa Parks

Oct 24 • 01:01:37

By the time she died in 2005, Rosa Parks was known around the world as an icon of activism. Her act of defiance one ordinary Thursday afternoon in Montgomery, Alabama catapulted her to the forefront of the battle for racial equality in America. But what was her story before that fateful moment in 1955? What course did her life take afterwards? This is a Short History of Ro...


Oct 17 • 58:56

Cloaked in secrecy, discussed by even the most hardened criminals as a place of terror, US Penitentiary Alcatraz is the most feared institution in the American penal system. From 1934 to 1963 more than 1500 prisoners pass through its gates, including Machine-Gun Kelly and Scarface himself, Alphonse Capone. But how did this island rock capture the public imagination? What w...

The Maya

Oct 10 • 56:16

In 1511, a Spanish lifeboat makes land on the Yucatán coast in modern-day Mexico. Thirteen days ago, the crew's caravel was wrecked on a reef. But their adventure is far from over. Now, they are about to become some of the first Europeans to make contact with the Maya. Custodians of an ancient civilisation, at one time tens of millions of Maya people inhabited a swathe of ...

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