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Episode 10 - The Great HomePod Episode

Jan 17 • 01:12:50

About: New HomePod Abilities and ShortCasts Podcast Player...

Episode 9 - Mark and Parker Discuss iOS 14

Sep 11 • 01:06:52
Episode 9 

Current Shortcuts work / projects 
iOS 14 Beta & Shortcuts issues within 
HomePod updates 
Updater integration (standalone vs embedded) 

Apologies for the delay in getting the episode out, the beta has advanced beyond the version we discuss in the episode but most of the information is still relevant as of today.


Send in a voice message: https://an...

Episode 8 - Toolbox Pro with creator Alex Hay

Jun 14 • 45:04

ShowNotes ...

Episode 7 - Automations with guest Parker Welch (PaRkThEcAr)

May 13 • 41:15
Episode 7
About: Automations (and PushCut), Shortcuts, IFTTT

Today we cover a topic that we touched on in one of the first episodes, automation and some advanced triggers you can use through IFTTT with our guest Parker Welch (PaRkThEcAr1 on Reddit)!
Interesting points about Parker and his setup:

Late 2012 Mac Mini
TP Link accessories (newly has shortcuts support)
Plex media s...

Episode 6 - Charty Companion App

May 6 • 39:23

Episode 6 ShowNotes ...

Episode 5 - Shortcutify Companion App

Apr 29 • 33:39

Episode 5...

Episode 4 - Conversation with Adam Tow

Apr 3 • 38:41
Episode 4
About: Discussion with Adam Tow
If you have a question about any episode or about shortcuts in general just send us a DM on twitter, a message on our discord server, or in our channels on the Shortcuts discord server, and we’ll answer it in the next episode. You can also send us a voice message directly on Anchor
We have an iMessage sticker pack available. ...

Episode 3 - Conversation with Harley Hicks

Mar 2 • 33:52
Episode 3
•Version Control and revision history
•RoutineHub (w Harley Hicks)
•iMessage sticker pack is live

We have a new iMessage sticker pack available. Check it out in the iMessage App Store…tickers/id1499929222

Harley is a developer and the owner/creator of RoutineHub.

He wanted to get a community started when he saw the nee...

Episode 2 - Date Usage and Manipulation / Q&A

Feb 16 • 13:52
Episode 2

•Shortcut breakdown •Dictionaries and dot notation
•Date and time formatting / adjustments 
•Some Q&A

Welcome to the 3rd full episode of ShortCasts!

Today we are covering a few different topics. One of them being dates, times, and their usage within your shortcuts.

How to handle dates and manipulate them in shortcuts?

How to use dates in file names?


Episode 1 - Basic Shortcuts and Automations

Jan 21 • 16:25

ShortCasts Episode 1...

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